MLC 52 MediaLink Controller

Extron's MLC 52 MediaLink Controllers are economical control panels for A/V control in classroom environments. All four models are designed for controlling displays via IR, while RS models also offer unidirectional RS-232 serial control capabilities. The MLC 52 Series allows staff members with little or no training to walk into a multimedia classroom and operate the A/V system with ease.

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know about setting up and configuring the Extron MLC 52 MediaLink Controller — from downloading and installing the software to adding commands to the controller's front panel buttons. If you are new to the MLC 52, we recommend you work your way through the topics in order as they appear, as each topic builds on the previous one. This course is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace, so take your time and feel free to repeat any section at any time. If you have some experience with the MLC 52, you can simply click on any topic you like and start from there.

In order to take this training, please disable any pop-up blockers and toolbars. You must also have Adobe® Flash® installed on your computer.

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 Section One: Getting Started!


Overview of MLC 52 E-Training On Demand program content

Software Download and Installation

Download and install the MLC 52 configuration software

Downloading and Installing Display Drivers

Downloading and installing serial and IR drivers for the MLC 52

Communication Sheets

Information about drivers, control commands, wiring diagrams, and more

 Section Two: Configuration and Software

Button Overview

Overview of button grouping and button modes

IR Learning: Assigning Commands

Learn how to assign commands using IR Learning

IR Learning: Verifying and Removing Commands

Learn how to verify and remove configured commands using the front panel buttons

IR Beaming

Transfer button configuration data from one MLC 52 to another

Configuration Wizard

Overview and demonstration of easy-to-use software configuration tool

Setting up the Volume Knob on the MLC 52 VC Models

Set up the volume knob on the MLC 52 RS VC and MLC 52 IR VC for use with the MPA amplifiers