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GlobalViewer Enterprise software simplifies AV system resource management with intuitive control for hundreds of common AV tasks. Whether you're working with 5 or 5000 rooms, GVE provides a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network. It’s quite common for corporations, universities, and government agencies to have hundreds of collaboration spaces spread over broad areas. GVE allows you to manage this ever-increasing AV technology while effectively leveraging valuable help desk resources. The Help Desk view in GVE provides all the information you need from the entire enterprise or campus, all in one, easy-to-navigate interface.

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As part of every GVE installation, Extron works with you every step of the way to ensure the system meets your expectations. This includes a thorough, pre-installation system review, guidance for your existing project files, as well as final system testing and training for your team. The personalized approach ensures a trouble-free installation, optimal performance, and provides the team with valuable resources so that GVE is used to its full potential.

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