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Enterprise-class software for management, processing, and playback of media files.

Entwine Enterprise Media Platform is a server-based solution designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size that need to capture, catalog, and distribute media files. Entwine™ processes MP4 media files, metadata, and JPEG thumbnail images produced by Extron SMP 300 Series Streaming Media Processors into file packages that produce a data-rich playback experience from the configurable VideoLounge content portal. Entwine™ processes media from ad-hoc recording sessions using a unique identifier, such as an email address, taken from an AV control system bundled with the recording package. Email addresses are also used to notify users when file packages are available from the VideoLounge web portal.

Full-Featured Lecture Capture Platform

Entwine™ manages recording packages, user groups, and access rights. It interfaces with standard network directory services to integrate users and access rights into the system.


Entwine™ EMP has a comprehensive range of features to help your organization work fast and smart.

Schedule & Record

Entwine™ affords the freedom to either create ad-hoc recordings or schedule recordings for applications that have a fixed schedule. Import schedules from a range of calendar applications that use the popular iCal format. Capture lectures with the SMP 351 Streaming Media Processor, or upload existing content libraries. Integration with control systems enables users to enter credentials via a touchpanel to query or pre-populate metadata fields.

Create schedules locally from the administrative dashboard, or import calendar data from external applications like Microsoft Exchange, CollegeNET 25Live, Google Calendar, and more. Schedule management is simplified by viewing calendars by capture device or location.

Publish & Distribute

Process & Edit

Ingest MP4 media files, JPEG thumbnails, and metadata from SMP 351 Streaming Media Processors for a rich media playback experience. Through the use of advanced media analysis, video Optical Character Recognition - OCR, extracts time-synchronized metadata from slide content. Users with existing MP4 video libraries or applications with user-created content can use Entwine™ to process files and apply usage rights.

Make content more accessible to all audiences with closed captioning. Entwine™ associates closed captioning content with your recordings, fulfilling Section 508 accessibility standards for individuals with physical impairments and disabilities.

Entwine™ includes a web-based editing tool. Trim away unnecessary content, presenting your users with a more polished presentation, while reducing the amount of storage space required. Cover art or slates are easily extracted from videos to create an intro for each recording.

Process & Edit

Search & View

Layout Options

Use Extron's standards-based HTML5 player to watch video and presentation content simultaneously in a user-configurable screen layout.

Entwine layout options
Search Options

Leverage powerful search tools to find and play the exact content you want.

Entwine search options
View Options

Media files are processed for downloading and viewing making the viewing experience rich and seamless regardless of device.

Entwine view options

Publish & Distribute

Entwine™ integrates easily with Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and others through the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Learning Tools Interoperability - LTI open standard. Make compelling presentations with user-configurable screen layouts, which present content from video and slides simultaneously using the split-screen capabilities within the HTML5 player.

Publish & Distribute

Manage Content

Configurable and automated workflows make media management easy. Through a web-based catalog users and administrators can easily group and categorize recordings. Apply workflow rules to automate content management processes, increasing the scale and scope of administrators' deployments without increasing labor burdens.

Create local user permissions or integrate with common authentication systems such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory®, Shibboleth, CAS, and other popular systems. With role-based visibility and authentication per capture device, administrators have granular control over individual content and user rights, while maintaining rules-based authentication for large groups of users and content.

As deployments increase in size, the importance of device monitoring and logging increases. Entwine™ facilitates capture device configuration, monitoring, and contextually-linked logging, empowering system administrators to support any sized deployment.

Manage Content

End-to-end Integration

Entwine™ manages your presentations from the initial capture of content to presentation on a user's chosen device. By leveraging the LTI standard, Entwine can automatically publish content to Learning Management Systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and more. The VideoLounge portal can be customized to integrate with the look and feel of your institution's branding, delivering your message to your students locally or anywhere in the world.

End-to-end Integration

Note: Future software update required in order to support all features listed.


Broad range of configuration options support deployment across a range of applications.

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