WPD 100 AV Series

Audio, Video, and Data Pass-Through Wallplates - Decorator-Style
Key Features
  • Available with the following connectors:
    • HDMI Female to HDMI Female connector on pigtail
    • RJ‑45 Female to Female Barrel - CAT 5e Barrel
    • USB 2.0 Type‑A female to female on pigtail
    • New USB 3.2 Type‑A female to USB Type‑B female is on a reversible pigtail
  • Signals passed through unprocessed
  • Used to provide local wall, floor box, or furniture-mounted connectivity for any AV system
  • Compatible with AAP 314 and AAP 424 mounting frame for decorator-style and AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules
  • Matching covers are included for models with audio and/or control connector ports
  • Mud ring included
  • All Features
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