MediaLink for iPad Retired

iPad Control App for MLC 104 IP Plus and MLC 226 IP Controllers
This product has been retired. Suggested Replacement:
Key Features
  • MediaLink for iPad is now part of Extron Control - a single, easy-to-use App for both MediaLink and TouchLink control products
  • Provides an additional point of control for Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controllers and associated control modules
  • Supports MLC 104 IP Plus and MLC 226 IP MediaLink controllers that are configured using Global Configurator
  • New A finger swipe now permits access to MediaLink control modules like the IRCM-DV+, CM-9BLB, and CM-3BLB
  • New Room Manager allows users to easily add controllers and customize room lists
  • Quickly switch between rooms with a single tap on the screen
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