GlobalViewer Enterprise

Server-Based AV Resource Management Software
Key Features
  • Easily manages all of the AV devices and meeting rooms across the campus and enterprise
  • Track and analyze device and room usage, proactively plan maintenance activities, and maintain inventory lists using customizable reports
  • Custom reporting tools
  • Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise Commissioning with every installation ensures a trouble-free system installation and optimal performance
  • Enhanced monitors and schedules based on location and device type
  • Manage individual rooms using the room control terminal directly from the help desk
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Upcoming Features
Version Release Date Key Feature Additions in the Current Release
2.7.0 Nov. 29, 2017
  • Support for the RoomAware Outlook Add-in to automate conference room functions based on scheduled meetings
  • Help Desk view displays all devices in every AV system
  • Filter Help Desk view down to the room level or device type
  • Delete select Event Alert List notifications from the Help desk view
  • Apply monitors to all device types with device status data
  • Trigger Room Events with schedules
  • Support for Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Office 365 facility calendars
  • Automatic categorization of new device statuses
  • Enhanced Device Status Manager
  • Additional report filters and improved reporting performance
  • Expanded Room Control view shows more of the interface in a single glance
  • Support for the HC 404 Meeting Space Collaboration System
  • Various bug fixes
Model Version Description Part #
GlobalViewer Enterprise Server-Based Resource Mngmnt Software 29-096-01
GlobalViewer Enterprise Commissioning Commissioning Services for GVE 03-003-01
GlobalViewer Enterprise Update Resource Mngmnt Software Update 29-096-03
GlobalViewer Enterprise Update Commissioning Commissioning Services for GVE Update 03-003-03