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Key Features
  • 350 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
  • Compatible with VGA-QXGA and HDTV component video signals
  • ID bits from input 1 are routed to the primary output
  • Switches balanced and unbalanced stereo audio
  • Active PC audio buffering
  • Auto-input switching
  • See All Features
Model Version Description Part #  
  SW2 VGA Ars Two Inputs, One Output, & Audio 60-257-22
  SW4 VGA Ars Four Inputs, One Output, & Audio 60-258-22
SW8 VGA Ars Eight Inputs, Two Outputs, & Audio 60-902-21
SW2 VGArs Two Inputs, One Output 60-257-02 Retired
SW4 VGArs Four Inputs, One Output 60-258-02 Retired
SW6 VGArs Six Inputs, One Output 60-259-02 Retired
  SW6 VGA Ars Six Inputs, One Output, & Audio 60-259-22 Retired
SW12 VGA Ars 12 Inputs, Two Outputs, & Audio 60-946-21 Retired

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