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Retractor Series/2 XL New

Extended Length Cable Retraction System with Speed Control for Cable Cubby Enclosures
Key Features
  • Convenient, easy-to-install cable retraction system for AVEdge 100, Cable Cubby®, and EBP 1200C enclosures as well as the TMK 120 R table mount kit
  • Cables extend up to five feet (152 cm)
  • Holds cable securely in place at a user-defined length
  • Simple push-button release retracts cable after use
  • Patented, precise variable-speed cable retraction control provides more than 50 steps of adjustment between 1.5 and 4.0 seconds
  • Engineered for long life and reliability, and tested to exceed 7,500 cable extension and retraction cycles
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Model Version Description Part #  
  Retractor Series/2 XL VGA VGA; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-01
  Retractor Series/2 XL PC Audio 3.5 mm Stereo Audio; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-02
  Retractor Series/2 XL Network Network CAT6; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-03
  Retractor Series/2 XL HDMI HDMI; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-04
  Retractor Series/2 XL USB USB A to USB A; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-05
  Retractor Series/2 XL Mini DisplayPort-DisplayPort Mini DP to DP; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-18
  Retractor Series/2 XL DisplayPort DisplayPort; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-07
  Retractor Series/2 XL DC DC Power Extension: Dell, HP, other PCs; 5ft/152cm 70-1066-10
  Retractor Series/2 XL Lenovo DC Lenovo DC Power Extension; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-09
  Retractor Series/2 XL VGA-A VGA and Stereo Audio; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-11
  Retractor Series/2 XL USB-C Power USB-C Power; 5 feet (152 cm) 70-1066-50
  Retractor Filler Module With Blank & Cable Pass-through Plates 70-1065-35
  Retractor Horizontal Mounting Bracket Kit For Horizontal Mounting Applications 70-678-00
  Cable Cubby 202 Retractor Bracket Holds Three Retractor Modules 70-1043-02
  Retractor Filler Module Filler Module 70-678-08 Retired
  Cable Cubby 200 Bracket Holds Two Retractor Modules 70-678-10 Retired

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