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Half Rack Shelf System

Half-Rack Width Rack Shelf and Accessories
Key Features
  • Compact, 1U half-rack width size fits narrow lecterns and cabinets
  • Holds one half-rack, two quarter-rack, or four eighth-rack width products
  • Includes mounting holes for 3", 6", and 9.5" deep Extron products
  • Matching blank filler plate also available
  • Available in a gray powder coat finish
  • See All Features
Model Version Description Part #  
  HRP 100 1U Half Rack Blank Panel, gray 60-1251-01
  HRP 104 AAP 1U Half Rack 4 AAP Mounting Panel, black 60-1251-30
  HRB 109 1U Basic Half Rack Shelf, gray 60-1251-10
  HRU 109 1U Universal Half Rack Shelf Kit, gray 60-1251-20

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