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Hideaway HSA 222S

Compact, Fixed Configuration, HSA - Hideaway Surface Access Enclosure with AV Connectivity and AC Power
Key Features
  • Two CAT 6 RJ-45 network/data/phone connectors; two unswitched AC outlets
  • Durable pneumatic movement and mechanical latching mechanism
  • Top surface available in black anodized finish
  • Unswitched AC power outlets available for the US
  • Available Universal AC outlet is compatible with a variety of AC plug types*
  • US enclosure is UL/c-UL listed
  • See All Features
Model Version Description Part #  
HSA 222S US - Black Anodized 60-630-01
HSA 222S UNIVERSAL - Black Anodized 60-701-0J
HSA 222S US - Brushed Aluminum 60-630-03 Retired
HSA 222S UK - Black Anodized 60-701-0B Retired
HSA 222S ISRAEL - Black Anodized 60-701-0C Retired
HSA 222S EU - Black Anodized 60-701-0D Retired
HSA 222S FRANCE - Black Anodized 60-701-0E Retired
HSA 222S AUS - Black Anodized 60-701-0F Retired
HSA 222S INDIA - Black Anodized 60-701-0G Retired
HSA 222S SWISS - Black Anodized 60-701-0H Retired
HSA 222S UK - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1B Retired
HSA 222S ISRAEL - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1C Retired
HSA 222S EU - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1D Retired
HSA 222S FRANCE - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1E Retired
HSA 222S AUS - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1F Retired
HSA 222S INDIA - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1G Retired
HSA 222S SWISS - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1H Retired
HSA 222S UNIVERSAL - Brushed Aluminum 60-701-1J Retired

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