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Cable Collar Kit

Collars in Assorted Colors for Easy Cable Identification
Key Features
  • For use with select Extron cables and Cable Retraction systems
  • Each kit includes 10 collars in a single color
  • Provides color coding for easy visual identification
  • Keeps cables aligned and standing vertically for easy access in Extron Cable Cubby, EBP 1200C, and AVEdge enclosures
  • See All Features
Model Version Description Part #  
  Cable Collar Kit Black, Qty. 10 70-1067-01
  Cable Collar Kit Red, Qty. 10 70-1067-12
  Cable Collar Kit Blue, Qty. 10 70-1067-13
  Cable Collar Kit Orange, Qty. 10 70-1067-14
  Cable Collar Kit White, Qty. 10 70-1067-16
  Cable Collar Kit Yellow, Qty. 10 70-1067-18
  Cable Collar Kit Green, Qty. 10 70-1067-19
  Cable Collar Kit Purple, Qty. 10 70-1067-20
  Cable Collar Kit Red, Green, Blue, Orange, and White, Qty 1/ea. 70-1067-03 Retired

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