4K HDMI Scaling Receiver
Key Features
  • Receives video with embedded audio, bidirectional RS‑232 and IR, and Ethernet up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable
  • Advanced Extron Vector™ 4K scaling technology
  • Selectable output rates from 640x480 to 3840x2160
  • WindoWall® Mode supports videowall applications
  • HDCP 2.3 compliant
  • Remote power capability
The Extron XTP SR HD 4K
Model Version Description Part #
 XTP SR HD 4K HDMI Scaling Receiver 60-1524-01

The Extron XTP SR HD 4K is a scaling receiver for extending video, audio, bidirectional RS‑232 and IR control, and Ethernet over a shielded CATx cable. It incorporates Extron Vector™ 4K scaling technology to deliver HDMI video resolutions up to 4K with uncompromised image quality. It is HDCP 2.3 compliant, and features on‑screen menus, audio de‑embedding to digital S/PDIF or analog stereo audio outputs, and relays for room control. As part of XTP WindoWall®, scaling receivers can be used to enable a mix of full screen and image magnification across multiple displays in videowall environments. Signals can be delivered up to 330 feet (100 meters) over one shielded twisted pair cable. The XTP SR HD 4K supports remote power and is ideal for XTP Systems® that require long-distance transmission to displays and high quality video scaling.

The XTP SR HD 4K scaling receiver accepts signals from XTP twisted pair transmission products and uses Extron all-digital technology to provide pixel-perfect video signal at resolutions up to 4K. It supports HDMI 1.4 specifications that include data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, Deep Color up to 12-bit, 3D, and HD lossless audio formats. To ensure device compatibility and optimal signal transmission between devices, DDC channels are actively buffered, maintaining continuous EDID and HDCP communication with the source and display.

Exclusive Vector 4K Scaling Technology

The XTP SR HD 4K delivers computer and video resolutions at selectable output rates from 640x480 up to UHD 3840x2160. The integrated Extron Vector 4K scaling technology delivers best-in-class image upscaling and downscaling using exclusive, high-precision processing algorithms for exceptional scaling performance. Selectable FILL and FOLLOW modes are available to ensure the proper aspect ratio of the output. FILL mode provides full screen output, while FOLLOW mode preserves the original aspect ratio of the input signal. Additionally, the color space and chroma sampling of the HDMI output can be automatically set to ensure compatibility with a connected DVI or HDMI display. The XTP SR HD 4K scaling receiver enhances the video performance of XTP Systems by providing the optimal output resolution to match the display, and maximizes system compatibility by supporting a wide range of input video resolutions.

XTP WindoWall supports Videowalls of any aspect ratio

WindoWall mode enables videowall support within XTP Systems, further expanding capabilities and enabling broader use in applications, such as command and control and emergency operations centers.  Images can be shown full screen, spread across multiple displays or a combination of both. Up to eight videowalls can be supported within an XTP system, and up to eight assignable presets are available per wall for quick and easy viewing between different image arrangements. Convenient software features such as drag and size layout configuration, mullion compensation, and the ability to create multiple presets expedite the setup process without need for expensive custom programming.

Built for Professional Integration

To enhance and simplify integration of digital and analog AV devices, XTP endpoints utilize two Extron technologies: EDID Minder® and Key Minder®. EDID Minder automatically manages EDID communication between input sources and display devices, to ensure that sources power up properly and reliably send content for display. For HDMI and DisplayPort signals with protected content, Key Minder authenticates and maintains continuous HDCP encryption between input and output devices to ensure quick and reliable switching. If HDCP-encrypted content is sent to a non‑compliant display, a full-screen green signal is transmitted to the destination, providing immediate visual confirmation that protected content cannot be viewed on the selected display.

In addition to high performance video, the XTP SR HD 4K accepts audio signals over the shielded CATx cable. It provides signal distribution for HDMI embedded audio or audio de-embedding with multi-channel S/PDIF or two‑channel balanced/unbalanced analog stereo and PCM audio. To precisely control audio, the scaling receiver includes volume adjustment and muting capabilities. The wide variety of audio transmission and control features helps to simplify system design and reduce the number of cable runs between endpoints.

The XTP SR HD 4K includes an RS‑232 and IR insertion port, allowing bidirectional control of an AV device over the one CATx cable. This feature simplifies integration with a control system for managing a remote display. Additionally, centralized 10/100 Ethernet communication can be implemented via the Ethernet extension port to reduce the number of independent network drops required within a system and two built‑in relays allow operation of a projector lift, screen, or similar device at the remote location.

To further simplify system design, the receiver can be powered by the matrix switcher over the same twisted pair cable that carries the AV and control signals. This capability streamlines installation of remote endpoints by eliminating the need to provide AC power to the device. Housed in a 1" (2.5 cm) high, half rack width metal enclosure, the remote powering capabilities and low profile design of the XTP SR HD 4K receiver allow for discreet placement in space-challenged environments.

Extron recommends Extron-certified XTP DTP 24 shielded twisted pair cable, shielded RJ-45 plugs, jacks, and couplers engineered for optimum signal transmission with Extron XTP Systems. The XTP DTP 24 cable is certified to 475 MHz, and utilizes a SF/UTP design with four unshielded 24 AWG twisted pair conductors inside an overall braid and foil shield for superior performance and noise immunity.

Extron XTP Systems

Extron XTP Systems provide a completely integrated switching and distribution solution for multiple digital and analog formats. They support local connectivity as well as extended transmission capability for sending high resolution video, audio, RS‑232, and Ethernet up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable and up to 10 km (6.21 miles) over fiber optic cable. Each system is HDCP compliant and delivers ultra-fast, highly reliable digital switching with Extron's SpeedSwitch® Technology.

At the heart of a system is an XTP CrossPoint matrix switcher. The modular matrix switchers are expandable from 4x4 to 64x64, depending on frame size, and can be populated with a wide variety of XTP I/O matrix boards. Input and output boards provide direct HDMI, SDI, DVI, VGA, video, and audio connections to local sources and displays, and signal extension to remote endpoints when using XTP transmitters and receivers. The matrix switcher can also provide power to a remote XTP device over CATx cabling, depending on transmitter model.

The online XTP System Builder gives convenient access for complete system design. The tool also features a printable bill of materials, pricing, and quote submittal. Once the order is confirmed and received, the included XTP System Configuration Software enables easy setup and configuration right out of the box.

To configure, operate, and monitor the system in real time, user-friendly control software offers a complete view of all XTP devices from a computer. With hot‑swappable modular components, a wide selection of XTP transmitters and receivers, and advanced 24/7 system monitoring, XTP Systems are designed to provide continuous, trouble-free operation in the most critical applications.