4K/60 HDMI Input and Output Boards with Stereo Audio
Key Features
  • Four HDMI inputs or outputs with stereo audio
  • Supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K/60 @ 4:4:4
  • HDCP 2.3 compliant
  • Support for HDR - High Dynamic Range video
  • Multi-channel audio downmixing
  • Dante® audio output enables transport over a local area network using standard Internet protocols
The Extron XTP II CP HD 4K PLUS I/O Boards
Model Version Description Part #
 XTP II CP 4i HD 4K PLUS Four Input Board, 4K/60 HDMI w/ Stereo Audio 70-1112-01
 XTP II CP 4i HD DMA 4K PLUS Four Input Board, 4K/60 HDMI - Downmixing Audio 70-1112-02
 XTP II CP 4o HD 4K PLUS Four Output Board, 4K/60 HDMI w/ Stereo Audio 70-1113-01
 XTP II CP 4o HD AT 4K PLUS Four Output Board, 4K/60 HDMI w/ Dante Out 70-1182-01

The Extron XTP II CP HD 4K PLUS Input and Output Boards provide local connectivity for HDMI and separate digital or analog stereo audio. These XTP® I/O boards support HDMI 2.0b performance at video resolutions up to 4K/60 with 4:4:4 color sampling at data rates up to 18 Gbps. They comply with HDCP 2.3. Independent routing of embedded digital audio signals enables audio breakaway switching. For enhanced system design versatility, output boards provide either four Dante® digital or analog stereo audio outputs. The XTP II CP HD 4K PLUS I/O matrix boards are ideal for XTP Systems® that require flexible local routing of HDMI and audio signals.

Available in four-input and four-output models, the XTP II CP HD 4K PLUS I/O matrix boards provide the capability to distribute HDCP 2.2-compliant HDMI video up to 4K/60 at full 4:4:4 color sampling. These boards are fully compatible with DVI signals when used with optional Extron HDMI-DVI adapters. Each is compatible with all matrix switchers in the XTP line.

The XTP II CP 4i HD 4K PLUS is an XTP input board capable of accepting signals from up to four local HDMI sources. It also features four balanced/unbalanced stereo audio inputs with audio breakaway capability for switching and distribution flexibility. Analog audio signals are converted to two‑channel PCM digital audio for independent routing within the system. To simplify integration, stereo audio can also be embedded into the signal stream for distribution alongside video signals. Incoming signals can be switched to an XTP output board for local or remote signal distribution.

The XTP II CP 4i HD DMA 4K PLUS includes all the features of the XTP II CP 4i HD 4K PLUS with one additional capability. It provides multi-channel audio downmixing to two-channel PCM stereo audio for separate audio routing.

The XTP II CP 4o HD AT 4K PLUS is an XTP output board with four local HDMI and Dante digital audio outputs. Dante digital audio output enables audio transport of up to four stereo audio signals over a network using standard Internet protocols. It also supports AES67 and Audinate® Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager software. The integration of Dante audio out facilitates system expansion when paired with many of Extron’s Dante-enabled audio processing products.

The XTP II CP 4o HD 4K PLUS is an XTP output board with four local HDMI and analog audio outputs. Embedded audio or separate analog stereo audio signals are available for distribution. The board can also extract two‑channel PCM stereo audio from embedded audio for separate local audio routing. For control of audio levels, the analog audio outputs feature volume adjustment and muting capabilities. Volume control at the output eliminates the need for preamplifiers in many AV systems. As an added feature, the board provides +5 VDC, 250 mA on the HDMI outputs for powering external peripheral devices.

Extron XTP Systems

Extron XTP Systems provide a completely integrated switching and distribution solution for multiple digital and analog formats. They support local connectivity as well as extended transmission capability for sending high resolution video, audio, RS‑232, and Ethernet up to 330 feet (100 meters) over a shielded CATx cable and even greater distances over fiber optic cabling. Each system is HDCP compliant and delivers ultra‑fast, highly reliable digital switching with Extron's SpeedSwitch® Technology.

At the heart of a system is an XTP CrossPoint matrix switcher. The modular matrix switchers are expandable from 4x4 to 64x64, depending on frame size, and can be populated with a wide variety of XTP I/O matrix boards. Input and output boards provide direct HDMI, DVI, VGA, video, and audio connections to local sources and displays, and signal extension to remote endpoints when using XTP transmitters and receivers. The matrix switcher can also provide power to a remote XTP device over CATx cabling, depending on transmitter model.

The online XTP System Builder gives convenient access for complete system design. The tool also features a printable bill of materials, pricing, and quote submittal. Once the order is confirmed and received, the included XTP System Configuration Software enables easy setup and configuration right out of the box.

To configure, operate, and monitor the system in real time, user-friendly control software offers a complete view of all XTP devices from a computer. With hot‑swappable modular components, a wide selection of XTP transmitters and receivers, and advanced 24/7 system monitoring, XTP Systems are designed to provide continuous, trouble-free operation in the most critical applications.