XTP DTP 22 New

Shielded Twisted Pair Cable for XTP Systems and DTP Systems
Key Features
  • Engineered for superior performance with Extron XTP Systems® and DTP® systems
  • Provides added protection from outside interference and ensures high quality signal transmission
  • Designed to ensure signal integrity of uncompressed HDMI 2.0b
  • S/FTP design with four shielded twisted pairs inside an overall braided shield
  • 22 AWG solid copper construction
  • Available in 1,000-foot (305-meter) spools
The Extron XTP DTP 22
Model Version Description Part #
 XTP DTP 22/1000 Non-Plenum 1000' (305 m) spool 22-285-03
 XTP DTP 22P/1000 Plenum 1000' (305 m) spool 22-286-03

Extron XTP DTP 22 cable is a shielded twisted pair cable engineered for optimum high-speed signal transmission with Extron XTP Systems® and DTP® systems. Designed to meet the increased performance capabilities of DTP3, it ensures signal integrity for uncompressed 4K/60 video at 4:4:4 up to distances of 330 feet (100 meters). It utilizes an S/FTP design with four, shielded 22 AWG twisted pair conductors inside an overall braided shield, ensuring high-quality signal transmission. XTP DTP 22 cable is available in plenum and non‑plenum 1,000-foot spools.

To complete an XTP® or DTP system cable infrastructure, XTP DTP 22 RJ-45 Plugs, punch down jacks, and couplers are available in packages of 10 or in pre-populated AAP™ AV Connectivity Modules, MAAP™ Mini AV Connectivity Modules, and WPD decorator-style wallplate form factors.

Compatibility Chart

XTP DTP 24 ✔ *

* XTP DTP 24 cable may be used for distances up to 175 feet (53 meters).