XPA U 1004 SB

Four Channel Bridgeable Output Amplifier
100/200 Watts Per Channel
Key Features
  • Selectable output power modes
    • Four 100 watt channels into 8 or 4 ohms
    • Two 200 watt bridged channels into 70V or 100V
    • Two 200 watt bridged channels into 8 or 16 ohms
    • Two 100 watt channels into 8 or 4 ohms and one bridged 70V or 100V channel
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified amplifier
  • Auto standby saves energy
  • InstaWake™ exits auto-standby mode in under 100 milliseconds
  • Convection cooled, fanless operation - can be stacked without extra rack space for ventilation
  • UL 2043 plenum rated when used with optional Flexible Conduit Adapter Kit
The Extron XPA U 1004 SB
Model Version Description Part #
 XPA U 1004 SB Four Channel Bridgeable Output Amp, 100/200 Watts 60-1301-01

The Extron XPA U 1004 SB is an ENERGY STAR qualified four channel audio power amplifier with flexible channel pairs that can drive 8 ohm, 4 ohm, 70 volt, or 100 volt loads. The individually bridgeable pairs can deliver two 100 watt channels into low impedance systems or one 200 watt channel into low or high impedance systems. A rotary switch on the rear panel makes it quick and easy to select output mode. The convection cooled, plenum rated enclosure of the XPA U 1004 SB does not require empty rack spaces for ventilation and includes rack mount hardware. It features a highly efficient advanced Class D amplifier design with defeatable auto standby, fast wake up from standby, and our patented CDRS – Class D Ripple Suppression. XPA Ultra SB models also offer remote volume and mute control with Extron VCM, VC or select MediaLink controllers.

Switchable Bridging

Selectable output modes provide the flexibility to make an XPA U 1004 SB the go-to solution for nearly any application requiring 100 watts to 200 watts per channel. This single power amplifier can handle the requirements of a diverse set of system configurations:

  • Four 8/4 ohm 100 watt channels driving stereo program playback in two seprate rooms
  • Two 8/4 ohm 100 watt channels driving stereo program playback while a single bridged 200 watt high impedance channel provides power to 70V/100V ceiling speakers for conferencing
  • Two bridged 8 ohm 200 watt channels driving high SPL stereo program playback
  • Two bridged 70V/100V 200 watt channels driving two large zones of ceiling speakers

High Channel Density

The XPA U 1004 SB doesn't require empty rack spaces for cooling or external transformers, allowing it to deliver more channels per rack space compared to competitive amplifiers. This is made possible by Extron's advanced thermal engineering, which includes fanless convection cooling, no chassis heatsinks, and Everlast power supplies. The cumulative effect of hundreds of precise design choices enables many XPA U 1004 SB units to be placed in an equipment rack without the need to waste rack space for ventilation above the amplifiers.

XPA U 1004 SB stacked
XPA Ultra amplifiers stacked four high without ventilation space.

Designed by Extron

Every circuit in an XPA® Ultra power amplifier is designed by our team of dedicated power amplifier engineers, ensuring that every Extron amplifier meets our high standards of excellence. By designing everything in-house, Extron engineers can meticulously optimize every detail for maximum performance, reliability, power efficiency, and reduced heat.

High Efficiency

With tested and measured efficiency benchmarks up to 77%, an XPA Ultra amplifier uses less electricity to generate the same amount of power. This has the direct benefit of lower electricity costs and less power infrastructure required.

Cool Operation

An XPA Ultra amplifier runs up to 28% cooler, with up to 49% less power wasted as heat, and up to 59% less radiated heat compared to competitive amplifiers. Electronics that run cooler, last longer and don’t transfer heat to other gear sharing the same rack. The low radiated heat of the XPA Ultra amplifiers, enabled by our advanced thermal engineering, saves on cooling costs and allows more channels of amplification to be put into fewer rack spaces.


The XPA U 1004 SB meets ENERGY STAR qualification requirements with an auto power-down feature that places the amplifier into standby after 25 minutes of inactivity. When in standby, the XPA U 1004 SB draws less than one watt of power. It quickly comes out of standby upon detection of signal in under 100 milliseconds, fast enough that the beginning of audio is not cut off. When coming out of standby, the XPA U 1004 SB draws minimal inrush current, creating no sudden demand on power systems. For applications where the amplifier is required to remain active at all times, the XPA Ultra provides the ability to defeat auto-standby while maintaining ENERGY STAR status.

Rock-Solid Reliability

Product reliability is a high priority at Extron and we go to great lengths to engineer products with industry-leading low failure rates, driven by rigorous testing of everything we ship. From the elimination of short-lived electrolytic capacitors in the signal path, to PCB designs that exclude the use of failure-prone wire harnesses, to accelerated burn-in testing, the XPA U 1004 SB is engineered by Extron for many years of service.