Extron Control

Control App for TouchLink, eBUS, Network Button Panels, and MediaLink
Key Features
  • Provides a convenient point of control for Extron control systems using your Apple iOS or Android devices
  • Extron Control for iOS supports all TouchLink, TouchLink Pro touchpanels, eBUS button panels, Network Button Panels, and Ethernet-enabled MediaLink, MediaLink Plus controllers
  • Extron Control for Android supports all TouchLink Pro touchpanels, eBUS button panels, Network Button Panels, and all MediaLink Plus controllers
  • Familiar user interface provides the same experience as the touchpanel, button panel, or controller
  • Supports Extron LinkLicense
  • Room Manager allows users to easily add touchpanels, button panels, or controllers, and customize room lists
The Extron Extron Control
Version Release Date
2.12.2 (iOS) Feb. 9, 2022
  • Various bug fixes
1.7.3 (Android) Feb. 16, 2022
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

Extron Control is an easy-to-use AV control system app that gives users complete access to Extron control systems directly from Apple iOS or Android devices. After a quick initial setup, your device connects to the desired room, allowing a seamless, highly-responsive control experience. The app automatically loads the user interfaces present on any Extron control product without a lengthy setup and customization process. The familiar interfaces emulate the TouchLink┬« touchpanel, eBUS┬« button panel, Network Button Panel, or MediaLink┬« controller in your room, and all button presses are kept in sync between the app and your Extron control devices. Extron Control is available for immediate download from the App Store and Google Play.

Other powerful features include the ability to quickly add rooms and switch between rooms, and auto-reconnect which recalls the previous session even after the app is closed. Technicians will appreciate this new app as it supplements the control of any room and provides easy access for troubleshooting.