VNS 104

Multi-Stream Decoding Software for VN-Matrix 250, VN-Matrix 225, or VN-Matrix 200 Series
Key Features
  • Decodes and displays one or four VN-Matrix PURE3® video streams on a single display from a Windows PC platform
  • Decodes one audio source which is selectable from the four decoded VN-Matrix streams
  • Managed and controlled from VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller
  • Monitor four VN-Matrix streams from one display as a cost effective alternative to multiple hardware decoders and displays
  • Scaling and aspect ratio control
  • Select display mode and switch streams from an external control interface
The Extron VNS 104
Model Version Description Part #
 VNS 104 Four Stream Decoding Software License 29-108-01

VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software decodes one or four video streams and one stereo audio stream from VN-Matrix 250, 225, or 200 series real-time encoders and VN-Matrix Recorder playback channels. It operates on a Windows PC and is managed from a VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller. The VNS 104 is used in monitoring, remote presentation viewing, distance collaboration, and data visualization, in a variety of environments including command and control, after action review, training and simulation, medical and geological visualization.

Each licensed copy of VNS 104 multi-stream decoding software can operate on one PC in a VN-Matrix system. A VNS 104 system license installed on the VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller manages the total number of VNS 104 software decoders that operate in a system. It intended for use on LANs or managed private networks that support use of multicast traffic. VNS 104 decoding performance is a function of the PC processing capacity and the cumulative bit rate of decoded VN-Matrix streams. Spatial image detail is maintained while frame rates adapt to the processing load.

Image Scaling and Aspect Ratio Control

The VNS 104 provides aspect ratio management for VN-Matrix streams, offering selection of a FILL mode, which fills the display or display quadrant, a FOLLOW mode, which preserves the original source aspect ratio, or a 1:1 mode. Streams presented in 1:1 mode are centered within the display or quadrant. If the streamed source has greater resolution than the display, the image will be cropped. If the source stream is a lower resolution than the display, the outside edges of the display area will be unused. When presenting four streams, FILL, FOLLOW, or 1:1 presentation mode can be applied independently to each source.

Multi-Stream Presentation

VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software decodes and presents one or four VN-Matrix streaming source windows on a single display, allowing users to monitor and interpret visual data from multiple information sources. The VNS 104 is used in monitoring, remote presentation viewing, distance collaboration, data visualization, or any application where a single display is desired for viewing one or four VN-Matrix streams. The VNS 104 is a cost effective alternative to using VN-Matrix hardware decoders in a variety of environments, including command and control, after action review, training and simulation, and medical or geological visualization.

PURE3® Codec

The Extron PURE3 codec applied in VN-Matrix systems streams audio and video across networks with very low latency, maintaining native resolutions and 4:4:4 color sampling for visually lossless image quality. The unique combination of low delay and high quality makes VN-Matrix streaming systems ideal for use in applications with the most demanding quality requirements. Extensive bit rate management and error concealment make VN-Matrix systems adaptable to different network conditions and flexible enough to support a wide range of streaming and recording applications.

Text and Status Messaging

VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software can present visual text messaging that identifies streaming source information and decoding status. Text overlay messaging helps distinguish various streaming sources, a particularly valuable feature in systems that have many AV sources. VNS 104 status messaging identifies if source streams have not been selected, are absent from the system, or if decoding has been suspended. A customized splash screen can be presented when a source stream is absent. These features are valuable in system commissioning and fault finding.

A variety of fonts and colors are available including Arial or Courier in 24, 32, or 48 point size. Red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, black, white, or various levels of gray can be applied to the font and text background, so that complementary color combinations may be applied to maximize legibility. Text messaging can be positioned in one of nine zones of the display or display quadrant to maximize the visibility of critical information.

Management from VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller

Once launched, the VNS 104 multi-stream decoder is controlled from a VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller that manages selection of streaming sources, window arrangement, aspect ratio, and text messaging parameters. The VNM Enterprise Controller also manages VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software system licensing. External control systems can interface with a VNM Enterprise Controller to select streaming sources, window arrangements, or preset system configurations. The VNM Enterprise Controller is integral to VN-Matrix streaming systems, simplifying the management of encoders, decoders, recorders, and VNS 104 Multi‑stream decoding software.


  • Multiple Stream Decoding and Monitoring
  • Virtual Switching Over IP
  • Decoding of VN-Matrix Recorder Streams
  • Point-to-Point and Multi-Point Distribution
  • Remote Presentation Viewing
  • Distance Collaboration

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Windows® 7 Professional 32‑bit or 64‑bit operating system
  • Intel® i5® CoreTM Processor, 4 Cores
  • 4 GB of RAM or greater
  • 512 MB graphics memory, Intel HD chipset recommended
  • 12 MB of hard disk space or greater
  • 1 GB network interface card - NIC

System Requirements

  • VN-Matrix Enterprise Controller
  • VN-Matrix 250, 225, or 200 encoded AV streams
  • Encoded progressive scan video signals
  • Network routers and switches support Internet Group Management Protocol - IGMP for multicast applications