VNM Software Decoder

Software Decoder for VN-Matrix 250, 225, or 200 Series
Key Features
  • Operates in conjunction with Microsoft® Windows Media Player
  • Software decoder application provides basic source selection
  • Decodes streams from VN-Matrix 250, 225, or 200 Series products
  • Compatible with Microsoft® Windows
  • Installs quickly and simply on any standard PC
  • Install decoder on as many endpoints as desired
The Extron VNM Software Decoder
Model Version Description Part #
 VNM Software Decoder Single Stream Decoding Software License 29-098-01

The VNM Software Decoder application lets users view live PURE3® streams on a PC. The streams can originate from VN‑Matrix® 250, 225, or 200 encoders as well as any active playback streams from VNM Recorder. The VNM Software Decoder application includes a plugin that operates with Windows Media Player® to decode PURE3 streams. VNM Software Decoder identifies and lists available VN‑Matrix encoders and any active playback streams from VNM Recorders in buttons which can be selected for viewing in the application window. Connections to VN‑Matrix 250, 225, 200, or PURE3 streams can also be initiated from the embedded VN‑Matrix Web browser interface.

VNM Software Decoder can be installed on as many machines that may need to access PURE3 streams as desired, and a system license manages the number of software-decoded streams that can be established simultaneously. The VNM Software Decoder is ideal for use in monitoring, remote presentation viewing, collaboration, data visualization, or any application where a low-cost, convenient alternative to hardware-based PURE3 decoding is desired. The software decoder is intended for use on LANs or managed private networks that support use of multicast traffic.