VNM EC 201

Enterprise Controller for VN-Matrix Systems
Key Features
  • Manage, configure, and control all VN-Matrix units as a system
  • Create system presets for stream routing and recording configurations
  • Control VNS 104 Multi-Stream Decoding Software display configurations and streaming connections
  • High-level interface provides single point of control from external control systems
  • Manage multiple VN-Matrix systems in combined or independent domains
  • Provide redundant control for mission-critical applications
The Extron VNM EC 201
Model Version Description Part #
 VNM EC 201 Enterprise Controller for VN-Matrix Systems 60-1864-01
 VNM EC 200 Enterprise Controller for VN-Matrix Systems 60-1516-01 Retired

The VNM EC 201 is a compact, dedicated enterprise controller for VN-Matrix® systems. It simplifies management of large VN-Matrix deployments, efficiently configuring, managing, and dynamically controlling large VN-Matrix systems from a single user interface. VN‑Matrix devices can be selected in groups, and common configuration properties can be applied to all devices. Firmware can be uploaded to all devices or any group of devices in one action. Multiple VNM EC 201 controllers can be deployed in VN-Matrix systems, providing control over the entire system or independent clusters of VN‑Matrix devices, or creating redundant systems for mission-critical applications.

Every VN-Matrix system includes a basic embedded Web browser interface for the configuration of encoders and decoders. This embedded interface is useful in small systems limited to a few units or systems that will be left in a fixed operational state. The VNM EC 201 provides greater processing capacity for efficient management, configuration, and dynamic control over large VN-Matrix systems. Its embedded web interface quickly organizes and sorts all devices in a system based on properties such as: unit status or type, operating mode, source, controller, or firmware version. Multiple VNM EC 201 controllers can be applied in VN-Matrix systems, providing control over the entire system or independent clusters of VN-Matrix devices.

The VNM EC 201 can also create streaming and recording system presets that can be recalled directly from an external control system. Each preset captures all device settings and defines specific streaming connection and recording actions. Recall of various streaming and recording presets greatly simplifies management and control of VN-Matrix systems.

Two VNM EC 201 units can be configured to operate together as a redundant system for mission-critical applications, with one configured as a primary unit, and the other as a secondary unit. System data is continuously synchronized between the redundant pair. The secondary unit continually monitors the primary unit’s system health and seamlessly takes control in the event of a failure. Control is automatically returned to the primary unit if required, maintaining transparent system communications and control.

The VNM EC 201 is required when:

  • More than 10 VN-Matrix units are configured into a system
  • VNR 100 or VN-Matrix Recorder is integrated into a system
  • A system of VN-Matrix units are interfaced to an external control system requiring dynamic control of the units in a switching solution
  • Preset streaming and recording configurations must be prepared and recalled
  • Multiple domains of VN-Matrix units must be operated as one large system or independent clusters