VN-Matrix 250 Series

HDCP-Compliant HDMI and RGB Video Over IP Encoders and Decoders
Key Features
  • HDCP‑compliant streaming
  • Stream at native resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1080
  • Low latency streaming
  • Extensive bit rate management
  • High immunity to network errors
  • PURE3® Codec
The Extron VN-Matrix 250 Series
Model Version Description Part #
 VNE 250 Encoder for HDMI, RGB, Audio, USB K&M 60-1274-01
 VND 250 Decoder for HDMI, Audio, USB K&M 60-1275-01

The VN‑Matrix® 250 Series provides real‑time transmission of high resolution HDCP‑compliant HDMI, DVI, or RGB video across standard IP networks. It is used in streaming, recording, and playback applications where visually lossless quality and low latency performance is essential. The VN‑Matrix 250 Series accepts resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 2048x1080. Stereo analog and HDMI‑embedded stereo audio signals are both supported, providing compatibility with embedded display speakers or existing audio systems. The VN‑Matrix 250 Series is ideal for mission critical applications with the most demanding quality requirements, such as command and control, simulation, medical, and distance collaboration with complex computer visualizations.

PURE3 Codec

VN‑Matrix products apply Extron's PURE3® Codec, a unique wavelet-based compression technology that exceeds many of the performance characteristics of standards-based compression systems. The VN‑Matrix 250 Series offers real-time performance and low latency, making it ideal for live event streaming, distance collaboration, and remote control applications that use video. Encoded video signals are processed using 4:4:4 color quantization and apply visually lossless compression maintaining original source quality and native resolution. The PURE3 Codec excels at streaming high resolution video or graphic data in real-time, mission critical applications where maintaining original source quality is essential to the application.

Extensive Bit Rate Management

The processing speed, capacity, compression, and bit rate management offered by the PURE3 codec make VN‑Matrix 250 flexible to use in a wide range of applications. VN‑Matrix 250 encoders can be configured to operate at low bit rates when streaming on connections with limited bandwidth, such as wide area networks - WANs, or they can be configured to operate at higher bit rates providing superior quality over networks with abundant bandwidth. The variety of quality and bit rate controls available in VN‑Matrix offers the flexibility to fulfill unique applications that are not served well by encoders designed for specific, mainstream applications.

Network Flexibility

The error concealment system in VN‑Matrix provides a high immunity to network errors, streaming reliably and preserving quality on networks without QoS management or uncertain quality conditions. VN‑Matrix error concealment provides this protection without an increase in latency or bandwidth typically introduced by forward error correction – FEC systems. It is effective in both unicast and multicast streaming applications.

System Synchronization

Absolute frame encoding along with RTP time stamping and Real Time Control Protocol - RTCP, supports tight synchronization of video streaming for AV sources. This supports several notable applications including audio-video lip sync, genlocked video decoding, and synchronization of multisource video presentations in recording applications.

VN‑Matrix can be applied as a simple point-to-point streaming system with an encoder and decoder pair. Systems can also be configured with many encoders and decoders creating a virtual matrix switching system on a network that is practically limitless in size.


  • Real-Time Video and Graphics Over IP
  • Virtual Switching Over IP
  • Point-to-Point, Long Distance, Video Distribution
  • Mission-Critical Video Streaming
  • Real-Time Distance Collaboration with High Resolution Video
  • High Quality Recording and Playback of Non-Encrypted, Single and Multi-Screen Presentations