VNM 12 PS & VNM 12 PSR

VN-Matrix® 12-Unit Power Supplies
Key Features
  • Compatible with VN-Matrix codecs, encoders, and decoders
  • Provides redundant power to multiple VN-Matrix encoder/decoder units in a single equipment rack
  • Simplifies rack mount wiring
  • Modular, hot-swappable design enables fast replacement without powering down the entire system
The Extron VNM 12 PS & VNM 12 PSR
Model Version Description Part #
 VNM 12 PS 12 Unit Power Supply 70-763-01
 VNM 12 PSR 12 Unit Power Supply with Redundancy 70-762-01 Retired

The VNM 12 PS and VNM 12 PSR provide an efficient method to connect redundant power to multiple VN-Matrix codecs, encoders, or decoders in 19” equipment racks. The 1U frame houses hot-swappable power supply modules and a 12-way breakout panel attaches to the rear of the equipment rack. Cables are provided for use between the breakout panel and encoder/decoder units.

The 12-Unit Power Supply models provide redundant power for the following number of VN-Matrix units.

VNM 12 PS