VoiceLift Microphone Systems Retired

Complete Microphone Systems for Classroom Voice Amplification
Key Features
  • Integrated 50 watt rms audio amplifier for stereo or dual mono audio
  • Supports up to two microphones per classroom for team teaching or student participation
  • Includes one pair of Extron patented Flat Field® speakers for consistent sound levels across the listening area
  • Lightweight pendant and handheld microphones operate for an entire school day on a single, rechargeable AA battery or standard AA battery
  • Uses infrared signals that, unlike RF signals, do not pass through walls and are not subject to interference
  • Audio DSP suppresses feedback while maximizing sound quality and intelligibility
The Extron VoiceLift Microphone Systems
Model Version Description Part #
 VLS 1000 Single Pendant Complete VoiceLift System 42-134-01 Retired
 VLS 2000 Dual Pendant Complete VoiceLift System 42-134-02 Retired
 VLS 2000H Pendant and Handheld VoiceLift System 42-134-22 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
VoiceLift Pro Microphone System

The Extron VoiceLift® Microphone System is a voice amplification system specifically developed for K-12 classrooms. The VoiceLift Microphone System enables the creation of a "sound field" that allows a teacher's voice to be heard clearly throughout the classroom. Studies show that use of a sound field system results in increased student achievement and a reduction in teacher health issues related to voice fatigue. Each system contains all the components necessary to evenly distribute the teacher's voice throughout the classroom, including wireless microphone, IR receiver, switcher/amplifier, speakers, and cables.

Upgradeable to a Complete PoleVault AV System

At the heart of each system is the award-winning Extron PoleVault® System switcher/amplifier that allows the system to be upgraded to an easy-to-use video switching and control system. Simply add a projector, sources, input wallplates, and a controller to create a completely integrated system for AV switching, control, and voice amplification.

Power Saving Features

The PVS 305SA IP is an energy efficient switcher with integrated stereo audio amplifier that offers two Extron-exclusive power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs.

  • Auto Power Save Mode: This mode automatically shuts off the audio amplifier inside the PVS 305SA IP after 30 minutes if no audio is present. This provides a close to 50% reduction in energy usage compared to normal, idle operation.
  • Standby Mode: This mode shuts off both the audio amplifier and the AV inputs of the PVS 305SA IP which power the input wallplates. Standby Mode is activated by the MLC 104 IP Plus or MLC 226 IP MediaLink Controller included in a complete PoleVault System. Standby Mode can be scheduled at specific times when the system is not in use or can be set to activate by monitoring when the projector is shut down. Standby Mode reduces power consumption of the PVS 305SA IP over 60%.

Infrared Wireless Transmission

VoiceLift Microphone Systems use infrared signals for wirelessly transmitting the teacher's voice. Infrared signals do not pass through walls and are not subject to interference, providing clear advantages over systems that use radio frequency technology. The lightweight pendant microphone operates for an entire school day on a single, rechargeable AA battery. Up to two microphones can be operated simultaneously in the classroom for student participation or team teaching. VoiceLift Microphone Systems are designed and manufactured by Extron and include a three-year parts and labor warranty.

Standard VoiceLift Systems

The two standard VoiceLift Microphone System packages are each ordered using a single part number.

  • VLS 1000 - Single pendant complete VoiceLift Microphone System with wall charger
  • VLS 2000 - Dual pendant complete Voicelift Microphone System with desktop charging station
  • VLS 2000H - Pendant and handheld complete Voicelift Microphone System with desktop charging station

Each system package includes the following core components:

  • One VLP 102 VoiceLift pendant microphone
  • One pair of FF 120 Flat Field Speakers for Drop-In Tile Ceilings
  • One VLR 102 VoiceLift receiver
  • One length of speaker cable - Plenum, 100'
  • One standard wall charger
  • One length of CAT 5 twisted pair cable – Plenum, 50’
  • One PVS 305SA IP Four Input IP-Enabled Switcher with Integrated 50 Watt Audio Amplifier

The VLS 2000 dual pendant system adds an additional VLP 102 VoiceLift Pendant Microphone and a VLC 102 Charging Station. The VLS 2000H pendant and handheld system adds a VLH 102 VoiceLift Handheld Microphone and a VLC 202 Charging Station.

VoiceLift Microphone Systems Configurator

To customize and price a system, access the online Extron VoiceLift Microphone Systems Configurator at www.extron.com/product/vlsc or contact an Extron Customer Support representative.