eBUS VoiceLift Pro Receiver
Key Features
  • Wirelessly connects with VoiceLift Pro microphones and passes audio to a power amplifier
  • Microphone pairing creates an exclusive connection between the microphone and receiver to eliminate interference and crosstalk
  • Support for up to two microphones
  • eBUS port provides the required connection to Extron IPCP Pro control processors using a single cable that carries both power and communication
  • Compact enclosure that's compatible with ZipClip 100 for easy and secure mounting
  • LED indicators show power and connection status
The Extron VLR 302EB
Model Version Description Part #
 VLR 302EB VoiceLift Pro Receiver with eBUS - US/CAN version 60-1826-01

The VLR 302EB is a wireless microphone receiver designed for use with Extron eBUS enabled control systems. It wirelessly connects to VLP 302 and VLH 302 VoiceLift®  Pro microphones and passes the audio to the amplifier in an audio system. The receiver provides an eBUS port for connection to an Extron IPCP control processor, receiving power and control communications for functions such as Instant Alert. VoiceLift Pro utilizes advanced RF wireless technology and DSP for noise cancellation, providing superior intelligibility, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems.

The VLR 302EB supports pairing with up to two microphones. This exclusive connection eliminates interference and crosstalk with adjacent systems. LED indicators show connection status for each microphone channel and power state of the receiver.

The eBUS port of the VLR 302EB provides communication with IPCP Pro control processors to enable wireless functions, such as Instant Alert, lecture capture and podcast recording, from a VLP 302 microphone.

VoiceLift Pro microphones wirelessly transmit audio to the VoiceLift Pro Receiver using highly reliable and secure wireless transmission. The receiver interfaces with an audio power amplifier and speakers to distribute the sound throughout the room.