VLR 302

VoiceLift Pro Receiver
Key Features
  • Wirelessly connects with VoiceLift Pro microphones and passes audio to a PoleVault switcher
  • Microphone pairing creates an exclusive connection between the microphone and receiver to eliminate interference and crosstalk
  • Support for up to two microphones
  • RJ45 output simplifies audio, power and communication connection with PoleVault switchers
  • Two relays for triggering Instant Alert and other functions
  • Compact enclosure provides flexible mounting options, including within a secure Extron PVM, USFM, or WMK enclosure
The Extron VLR 302
Model Version Description Part #
 VLR 302 VoiceLift Pro Receiver - US/CAN version 60-1637-01

The VLR 302 Receiver wirelessly connects to VLP 302 and VLH 302 VoiceLift®  Pro microphones and passes the audio to a PoleVault switcher. Extron VoiceLift Pro utilizes advanced RF wireless technology to provide superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems.

The VLR 302 supports pairing with up to two microphones. This exclusive connection eliminates interference and crosstalk with adjacent systems. LED indicators show connection status for each microphone channel and power state of the receiver.

The RJ45 output of the VLR 302 simplifies audio, power and communication connection with PoleVault switchers. Each of the two relays are triggered from the VLP 302 pendant microphone for Instant Alert, lecture capture, podcast recording, or other applications.

VoiceLift Pro microphones wirelessly transmit audio to the VoiceLift Pro Receiver using highly reliable and secure wireless transmission. The receiver interfaces with the PoleVault switcher/amplifier and speakers which evenly distribute the sound throughout the room.

Instant Alert and Function Relays

Instant Alert provides instructors a quick and discreet way to signal for assistance in the event of an emergency. Holding both volume buttons on the pendant microphone instructs an Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controller or IP Link control processor to notify school officials and authorities via e-mail or text message. An independent function button on the pendant provides access to the receiver’s second relay. This allows triggering additional capabilities such as lecture capture, podcast recording, and more