VoiceLift Pro Microphone System

Complete Microphone System for High Performance Classroom Voice Amplification
Key Features
  • Complete high performance voice amplification systems
  • Advanced RF wireless technology provides superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems
  • Supports up to two microphones per classroom for team teaching or student participation
  • Integrated 50 watt rms audio amplifier for stereo or dual mono audio
  • Includes one pair of Extron patented Flat Field® speakers for consistent sound levels across the listening area
  • Upgrades easily and affordably to a complete PoleVault® Digital classroom AV switching, mounting, and control system
The Extron VoiceLift Pro Microphone System
Model Version Description Part #
 VLS 3001 Single Pendant Complete VoiceLift Pro System 42-256-01
 VLS 3002 Dual Pendant Complete VoiceLift Pro System 42-256-02
 VLS 3002H Pendant and Handheld VoiceLift Pro System 42-256-03

The VoiceLift® Pro Microphone System employs state-of-the-art wireless technology for classroom voice amplification. VoiceLift Pro utilizes digital transmission and pairing in a dedicated spectrum to provide superior performance over traditional systems. Benefits include higher sound quality, increased reliability, and greater range, with reduced interference. Each system contains all the components necessary to evenly distribute the teacher's voice throughout the classroom, including wireless microphone, receiver, switcher/amplifier, speakers, mounting hardware, and cables.

Advanced Wireless Technology

The VoiceLift Pro Microphone is based on an industry standard radio frequency technology operating in a spectrum reserved exclusively for voice communications. This technology is not susceptible to environmental factors, such as windows, sunlight, and fluorescent lighting, that create problems for infrared systems. It also does not suffer from the licensing restrictions and proximity issues of traditional RF microphones.

Upgradeable to a Complete PoleVault Digital Classroom AV System

At the heart of each system is the Extron PoleVault® Digital switcher/amplifier that allows the system to be upgraded to an easy-to-use video switching and control system. Simply add a projector, sources, input wallplates, and a controller to create a completely integrated system for AV switching, control, and voice amplification.

Energy Efficiency

As an ENERGY STAR® qualified switcher/amplifier, the PVS 407D switcher includes two Extron-exclusive power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs. Auto Power Save Mode automatically turns off the audio amplifier after 30 minutes if no audio is present. Network Standby Power Save Mode turns off the amplifier, wallplates, VoiceLift Pro Receiver, and network switch, and can be scheduled at specific times when the system is not in use or activated by monitoring for when the projector is shut down.

Flat Field Speakers

VoiceLift Pro Microphone Systems include Extron FF 120 full-range Flat Field speakers. Extron’s patented Flat Field Technology reduces beaming of mid and high frequencies, delivering consistent sound levels across the listening area to each student. The speakers also offer an extraordinarily wide dispersion of 170 degrees, allowing each speaker to cover a larger area and reducing the number required in a standard classroom.

Wall Mount Kit

The unique WMK 160 wall mount kit securely mounts and conceals critical components to a wall, protecting them from tampering and theft.

Complete System

VoiceLift Pro Microphone Systems are standalone classroom voice amplification solutions. All VLS systems include the following core components. The VLS 3002 adds a second pendant microphone while the VLS 3002H adds a VLH 302 handheld microphone.

VoiceLift Pro Microphone System Core Components

  • VLP 302 VoiceLift Pro Pendant Microphone
  • VLR 302 VoiceLift Pro Receiver
  • VLC 302 VoiceLift Pro Charging Station
  • PVS 407D IP-Enabled Digital PoleVault Switcher with Integrated Amplifier
  • FF 120 plenum rated Flat Field® Speakers, pair
  • WMK 160 Wall Mount Kit
  • 3' CATx shielded twisted pair cable for connecting the switcher and receiver
  • 100' SPK 18 Precut Speaker Cable - Plenum