VoiceLift Pro Microphone EB

High Performance Wireless Microphone System with eBUS
Key Features
  • Integration with Extron control systems provides flexible control capabilities. The pendant microphone buttons can trigger events such as an instant alert or start/stop recordings on an SMP series streaming processor to support lecture capture installations.
  • Advanced RF wireless technology provides superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems
  • Advanced DSP suppresses feedback while maximizing sound quality and intelligibility
  • Connects to the eBUS port on an Extron IPCP Pro control processor using a single cable that carries both power and control communication
  • Supports up to two microphones for each receiver
  • High capacity rechargeable batteries allow for over 8 hours of talk time
The Extron VoiceLift Pro Microphone EB
Model Version Description Part #
 VLME 3001 Single Pendant VoiceLift Pro, eBUS -US/CAN version 42-266-01
 VLME 3002 Dual Pendant VoiceLift Pro, eBUS -US/CAN version 42-266-02
 VLME 3002H Pendant & Hand VoiceLift Pro, eBUS -US/CAN version 42-266-03

The VoiceLift® Pro Microphone EB system integrates with eBUS® enabled control systems to provide voice amplification for a wide variety of installations. The VoiceLift receiver connects to the eBUS port on an Extron IPCP control processor for power and customizable control. State-of-the-art wireless technology for voice amplification utilizes digital transmission and pairing in a dedicated spectrum to provide superior performance over traditional systems. VoiceLift Pro EB integrates seamlessly with IPCP control processors and an audio power amplifier to provide a complete voice amplification solution.

Advanced Wireless Technology

The VoiceLift Pro Microphone is based on an industry standard radio frequency technology operating in a spectrum reserved exclusively for voice communications. This technology is not susceptible to environmental factors, such as windows, sunlight, and fluorescent lighting, that create problems for infrared systems. It also does not suffer from the licensing restrictions and proximity issues of traditional RF microphones.

eBUS Integration

The VoiceLift Pro Receiver includes an eBUS port for power and communication from an IPCP control processor to enable quick and easy integration of Instant Alert, lecture capture, podcast recording, or other applications.

Customizable Control

An independent Function Button available on the pendant microphone can be customized to instruct the IPCP control processor to start/stop recording. Holding both volume buttons discreetly sends out a message to the control processor, which can be configured to initiate an Instant Alert via e-mail or text message, notifying administration and authorities in the event of an incident.

Reduced Interference

VoiceLift Pro operates on a frequency that is separate from WiFi, Bluetooth, and those used by interactive whiteboards and projectors, so it won’t interfere with, or be affected by other wireless systems.

Increased Range

VoiceLift Pro technology operates at distances of up to two times farther than infrared and with greater reliability. VoiceLift Pro transmission technology does not require line of sight, increasing flexibility in how the pendant microphone is worn as well as the room environments in which it may be used.

Pairing Benefits

The VoiceLift Pro Microphone uses pairing technology to establish an exclusive relationship between the microphones and the receiver, preventing interference between microphones in adjacent rooms.

Sophisticated Signal Processing

VoiceLift Pro uses advanced digital signal processing to optimize voice intelligibility and audio quality.

Flexible Pendant

The VoiceLift Pro Pendant microphone can be worn around the neck on a lanyard or attached to clothing as a bodypack when used with a lavalier or headset microphone. VoiceLift Pro transmission technology does not require line of sight, increasing flexibility in how and where the pendant is worn.

Multiple Microphone Support

VoiceLift Pro supports up to two microphones per receiver, enabling team presentation and audience participation.

System Packages

All VLME systems include a pendant microphone, receiver, and charging station. The VLME 3002 adds a second pendant microphone while the VLME 3002H adds a VLH 302 handheld microphone.

VoiceLift Pro Microphone EB System Core Components

  • VLP 302 VoiceLift Pro Pendant Microphone
  • VLR 302 EB eBUS VoiceLift Pro Receiver
  • VLC 302 VoiceLift Pro Charging Station
  • VLH 302 VoiceLift Pro Handheld Microphone