VLP 302

VoiceLift Pro Pendant Microphone
Key Features
  • State of the art wireless pendant microphone for VoiceLift Pro systems
  • Lightweight enclosure with adjustable lanyard for around the neck or clip for attaching to clothing
  • Volume controls offer easy voice level adjustment
  • Power/Mute button silences the microphone for private conversations or when not in use
  • Auxiliary microphone input enables connection of optional external lavalier or headset microphone
  • Instant Alert enables the instructor to request assistance by pressing both volume buttons
The Extron VLP 302
Model Version Description Part #
 VLP 302 VoiceLift Pro Pendant Microphone - US/CAN version 60-1636-01

The VLP 302 Pendant Microphone is a wireless microphone designed for use with Extron VoiceLift® Pro systems. VoiceLift Pro uses advanced RF wireless technology to provide superior sound quality, increased reliability, greater range, and reduced interference over traditional systems.

The VLP 302 is small and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear. A unique lanyard lock system provides easy adjustment for optimal voice pick up when worn around the neck. The spring loaded clip is convenient when attaching the pendant to clothing.

A dual purpose power/mute button can be used to silence the microphone for private conversations as well as power the unit on and off. Volume controls offer easy voice level adjustment. An auxiliary microphone input is available for users who prefer an optional wired lavalier or headset microphone. Instant Alert capability and a secondary function button allow the instructor use the pendant to request assistance or trigger additional capabilities such as lecture capture or podcast recording.

The included high capacity rechargeable battery lasts for the entire school day on a single charge and is field replaceable. The pendant can also be powered by a standard alkaline AA battery.

The VLP 302 pendant microphone transmits presenter audio to the VoiceLift Pro Receiver using highly reliable and secure wireless transmission. The receiver interfaces with the PoleVault switcher/amplifier and speakers which evenly distribute the sound throughout the room. 

Instant Alert and Function Relays

Instant Alert provides instructors a quick and discreet way to signal for assistance in the event of an emergency. Holding both volume buttons on the pendant microphone instructs an Ethernet-enabled MediaLink controller or IP Link control processor to notify school officials and authorities via e-mail or text message. An independent function button on the pendant provides access to the receiver’s second relay. This allows triggering additional capabilities such as lecture capture, podcast recording, and more.