VLP 202 Retired

VoiceLift® Compact Pendant Microphone
Key Features
  • Infrared wireless pendant microphone for VoiceLift® systems
  • Compact polycarbonate enclosure that is comfortable to wear
  • Volume controls offer easy voice level adjustment
  • Spring loaded clip and lanyard lock
  • Power/Mute switch for easy operation
  • Auxiliary input for MP3 player or other audio source
The Extron VLP 202
Model Version Description Part #
 VLP 202 VoiceLift Compact Pendant 60-1280-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron VLP 202 Compact Pendant Microphone is an infrared wireless microphone designed for use with Extron VoiceLift® systems. The small form factor makes the VLP 202 comfortable to wear, while the spring loaded clip design offers added convenience when clipping the microphone onto clothing. In addition, the VLP 202 provides a unique lanyard lock that makes it easy to adjust the microphone position for optimal performance.

Additional features include a Power/Mute switch to silence the microphone for private conversations or when not in use, volume controls, and an auxiliary input jack for connecting additional audio devices like MP3 players. The microphone includes a single, AA-sized, long life rechargeable 2500 mAh NiMH battery that provides eight hours of talk time. The battery can be conveniently recharged in the microphone using the VLC 202 Desktop Charging Station.

The presenter's voice is picked up by the microphone and transmitted wirelessly to an IR receiver mounted on the ceiling or wall. The signal is then passed to an Extron PoleVault switcher where it is amplified and distributed to speakers placed throughout the classroom. This creates a sound field that enables the user's voice to be heard clearly throughout the room. Infrared signals do not pass through walls and are not subject to interference, offering clear advantages over systems that use radio frequency technology.