VLC 302

VoiceLift Pro Charging Station
Key Features
  • Charges up to two VoiceLift Pro pendant or handheld microphones simultaneously
  • Mini-B USB Power Port compatible with a wide variety of power supplies and sources
  • Durable polycarbonate construction
  • Protects microphones when not in use
  • May be placed on desk, table, or shelf
The Extron VLC 302
Model Version Description Part #
VLC 302 VoiceLift Pro Charging Station 60-1638-01

The VLC 302 Charging Station makes it easy to recharge VoiceLift® Pro pendant and handheld microphones. Each bay can accommodate either the VLP 302 Pendant microphone or VLH 302 Handheld microphone. The VLC 302 supports charging up to two microphones simultaneously.



Panel Drawing

Panel Drawing
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