Videowall Configuration Software
Key Features
  • Provides a common user interface for configuring Extron 4K videowall processors
  • Task-oriented workflow
  • Configure systems while online or offline
  • Undo/Redo edits to wall presets
  • Live and Preview editing modes
  • Familiar tools and icons for window management
The Extron VCS

Extron VCS – Videowall Configuration Software is a universal application for configuring Extron 4K videowall processors. With this intuitive, time-saving software, Extron videowall products are configured using a common interface. System configuration is broken down into logical tasks, such as wall configuration, source setup, preset design, and EDID Minder for simplified integration. Online and offline editing allows creation and configuration of systems with or without an attached processor. Familiar editing controls streamline layering, aligning, and sizing of source windows. Live and Preview modes provide the option for immediate or controlled wall response to edits. With an intuitive workflow and familiar interface, VCS provides efficient configuration of any Extron 4K videowall processor.

VCS is a PC-based software application supporting Ethernet communication. Settings and preset changes within the software are automatically synchronized and stored on the videowall processor, allowing direct connection and control of the hardware using SIS commands. System maintenance is simplified with integrated connection status indicators and firmware update controls.

Powerful Editing Features
VCS features advanced editing controls that accelerate the configuration process. Window presets are created by dragging and dropping sources onto a virtual representation of the videowall. Offline configuration allows commissioning to begin before arriving on site, or when the processor is temporarily unavailable due to limited facility access or other restrictions. Preview mode supports “ad hoc” edits during live events, leaving the videowall unaffected by preset edits until a “Take” action is performed.

The intuitive interface, task-oriented workflow, and advanced configuration features give VCS the power and flexibility you require to get your videowall up and running fast, without sacrificing ease-of-use. Whether managing a few windows on one or two displays, or hundreds of windows across a multitude of displays, VCS provides an efficient solution for your videowall commissioning needs.

Supported Products:
Quantum Ultra


  Quantum Ultra Ultra-High Bandwidth 4K Videowall Processor with HyperLane Bus
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