UTS 100 Series

Under Table Shelf System
Key Features
  • Self-supporting 1U, half rack width shelf system
  • Accommodates half rack, quarter rack, or eighth rack width products
  • UTS 100 Primary Shelf mounts directly to the undersurface of furniture
  • UTS 150 Secondary Shelves connect to the UTS 100 with a simple, secure hook-and-post mount system
  • Mounting holes for 3", 6", and 9.5" deep Extron products
  • Three rows of wire tie openings for improved cable management
The Extron UTS 100 Series
Model Version Description Part #
 UTS 100 Primary Shelf, gray 70-1028-01
 UTS 150 Secondary Shelf, gray 70-1028-02

The Extron UTS 100 Series is a self-supporting, half rack width shelf system designed for use in environments where a traditional equipment rack cannot be located beneath a table top or other furniture surface. The compact UTS 100 Primary Shelf mounts directly to the undersurface of the table top, without rack rails, and supports any combination of half-, quarter-, and eighth-rack products. The UTS Series can be placed next to a table leg, in the center of the table, or within reach of the system user at the table’s edge. For additional rack capacity, one or more UTS 150 Secondary Shelf units can be attached to the UTS 100 using the integrated hook-and-post mount system. The UTS system is expandable to meet most rack space needs. UTS Series products are available in a gray powder coat finish to match other Extron products.

The UTS system features mounting holes for 3”, 6”, and 9.5” deep products such as IN1604 HDCP Scaler. The wire tie openings are aligned to mount Extron products such as BUC 202 Converter and PS Series Desktop Power Supplies on the underside of the racks for additional mounting options for greater flexibility.