CTU 100

Extron Universal Compression Tool
Key Features
  • Terminates BNC, F, and RCA compression connectors without soldering or crimping
  • Ergonomic padded handle and finger fitted grooves
  • Hand contoured design increases leverage while reducing handle force
  • Optional compression coax prep tool prepares cable for compression fitting
  • Solid milled steel base for long-lasting durability
  • Smooth gliding plunger
The Extron CTU 100
Model Version Description Part #
 CTU 100 Universal Compression Tool (BNC, F, RCA) 100-181-01
 CTU 10N Nickel RCA and F CTU 100 Replacement Die 100-405-01 Retired
 CTU 10G Gold RCA and F CTU 100 Replacement Die 100-405-02 Retired

The Extron CTU 100 Universal Compression Tool offers installers the convenience of using a single tool for terminating multiple types of connectors for professional and reliable connections. It provides quick and reliable connectivity without soldering or crimping following a simple three step process.