TP T 15HD 45 & TP T A 45 Retired

TP - Twisted Pair Transmitters for RGBHV and Stereo Audio - 45 mm Mount Version
Key Features
  • Work together to transmit computer video and stereo audio over a single CAT 5-type cable
  • Designed for installation into 45 mm European wall boxes, floor boxes, or cable channel system
  • Spring force wire connector output
  • TP T A 45 converts unbalanced analog audio signal into digital audio
  • Highly reliable, energy-efficient external universal power supply included, TP T 15HD 45 only, replacement part #70-775-01
The Extron TP T 15HD 45 & TP T A 45
Model Version Description Part #
 TP T 15HD 45 RGBHV Transmitter - 45 mm 60-654-01 Retired
 TP T A 45 Audio Transmitter - 45 mm 70-368-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron TP T 15HD 45 and TP T A 45 Twisted Pair Transmitters mount in 45 mm European mounting frames and work together to send high resolution video and stereo audio signals on twisted pair cable. Together, they can be used to create an economical, high performance system for transmitting computer video with stereo audio up to 300 meters using CAT 5-type cable or Extron Enhanced Skew-Free™ AV UTP cable. Both models are designed to be mounted side-by-side into a 45mm mounting frame for installation in common European wall boxes, cable channel systems, and floor boxes.

The Extron TP T A 45 is a high performance audio transmitter that converts an unbalanced analog audio signal into digital audio. This enables complete signal isolation resulting in reduced noise and improved signal quality.

The TP T A 45 includes a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack on the front for stereo audio input and a 2-pin captive screw connector for routing the audio signal to the TP T 15HD 45. The TP T 15HD 45 accepts a video signal on a female 15-pin HD connector. Both audio and video signals are output from the TP T 15HD 45 via an 8-pin spring force wire connector. An external universal power supply is included.

When using data grade twisted pair cable for sending high-resolution video signals long distances, a problem called skew can cause a distortion in the image, resulting in visible color separation. Extron offers two options for solving this problem and restoring image quality. The first option is to place an SEQ 100 15HD Skew Equalizer at the receiving end of any cable run where skew is a problem. The second option is to use Extron's Skew-Free™ AV UTP cable to make system connections.

The Extron TP T 15HD 45 and TP T A 45 are compatible with the Extron TP R 15HD A, TP R BNC A, and TP R BNC AV twisted pair receivers. They can also be used with the Extron TPX 88 and TPX 88 A twisted pair matrix switchers to create a complete twisted pair AV routing system.