TLSI 201 New

Interactive Wayfinding Interface
Key Features
  • Find and book a meeting space for current day or week from a centralized location
  • Easily navigate real-time information on a landscape or portrait display using a dual view list layout and customer-provided map
  • Connects directly with TouchLink® scheduling panels
  • Configurable with free Room Agent™ software
  • Ideal for use with third-party screens 40 inches or larger and up to 4K resolution
  • New Multi-language support capabilities
The Extron TLSI 201
Model Version Description Part #
 TLSI 201 Interactive Wayfinding Interface 60-1669-101

The TLSI 201 is an Interactive Wayfinding Interface that provides real-time meeting space availability, status, and location information using a centralized display. Designed to connect directly with Extron Room Scheduling panels, it enables users to easily locate meeting spaces and make ad hoc meeting reservations. Simply configure the TLSI 201 interface using free Extron Room Agent™ software to view and book meeting spaces for the current day or week in list and map view layouts. The Interactive Wayfinding Interface features a centralized, at-a-glance meeting space visibility and booking solution is ideal for use in high traffic areas, including building lobbies, meeting room hallways, and corridors. User-friendly and intuitive, the TLSI 201 brings additional value to Extron Room Scheduling applications.

The Interactive Wayfinding Interface offers several customization options, including logo branding and personalized messaging, as well as light and dark color themes. Flexible, distinct information fields can be turned on or off as needed. The scaled output supports 1080p signal resolutions, making it ideal for 40” or larger displays. The TLSI 201 features the convenience of PoE – Power over Ethernet, for power and communication over a single Ethernet cable. User-friendly and intuitive, the Interactive Wayfinding Interface brings additional value to Extron Room Scheduling applications, helping users to more efficiently navigate and book meeting spaces throughout a facility.

Supported Languages


Interactive Wayfinding Interface currently supports 27 languages, and Extron is continually working to add more. Check this table frequently for language updates.

Arabic Danish Hebrew Portuguese Thai
Catalan Dutch Italian Russian Turkish
Chinese Simplified English Japanese Serbian Vietnamese
Chinese Traditional Finnish Korean Slovenian  
Croatian French Norwegian Spanish  
Czech German Polish Swedish