SMX FOX Series

FOX Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher Boards
Key Features
  • Available in 8x8 and 16x16 I/O sizes
  • Compatible with all Extron FOX Series transmitters and receivers
  • SpeedSwitch® Technology provides exceptional switching speed for HDCP-encrypted content
  • Integrates easily into a wide range of 4K environments
  • Input fiber link detection
  • Alarm notification for fiber link loss
The Extron SMX FOX Series
Model Version Description Part #
 SMX 88 FOX MM 8x8 Fiber Optic, Multimode; 1 slot 70-634-03
 SMX 88 FOX SM 8x8 Fiber Optic, Singlemode; 1 slot 70-635-03
 SMX 1616 FOX MM 16x16 Fiber Optic; Multimode; 2 slots 70-634-04
 SMX 1616 FOX SM 16x16 Fiber Optic; Singlemode; 2 slots 70-635-04

The SMX FOX Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher Boards offer high-speed digital switching capability for audio, control, and video signals at high resolution rates and multiple formats with pixel-for-pixel throughput. This level of performance assures compatibility from standard definition video to the highest source resolutions, including DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, 3G-SDI, and RGB computer-video. The boards are hot-swappable and may be added at any time in the field for easy and quick upgradeability or expansion. The SMX FOX fiber optic matrix switcher boards are available in two sizes, 8x8 and 16x16, and in two versions for use with singlemode or multimode fiber.

The SMX FOX MM supports multimode fiber at 850 nm, which is typically used within buildings or facilities with moderate-range transmission distances. The SMX FOX SM supports singlemode fiber at 1310 nm. Singlemode fiber offers long-range transmission capability over extreme distances of several kilometers or miles. It is used in very large facilities such as hospitals and stadiums, and for connecting over very long distances between facilities such as university campuses. SMX FOX boards are equipped with industry-standard LC connectors for reliable integration.