SMX System MultiMatrix

Digital and Analog Multi-Plane Modular Matrix Switcher
Key Features
  • Choice of 2U, 3U, 4U, or 5U frames
  • Choose from digital, fiber optic, analog, wideband, and stereo audio matrix boards
  • Single point of control for up to 10 separate switching planes
  • Hot-swappable matrix board slots allow installation and replacement of matrix boards in three easy steps
  • Field re-configurable and updateable
  • 10 presets per switching plane
The Extron SMX System MultiMatrix
Model Version Description Part #
 SMX 200 Frame 2U/4-Slot 60-1021-01
 SMX 200 Frame RPS 2U/4-Slot with Redundant Power Supply 60-1021-11
 SMX 300 Frame 3U/6-Slot 60-855-01
 SMX 400 Frame 4U/8-Slot 60-856-01
 SMX Blank Panel 1 Slot 70-633-01
 SMX Blank Panel 2 Slots 70-633-02
 SMX 300 Frame RPS 3U/6-Slot with Redundant Power Supply 60-855-11 Retired
 SMX 400 Frame RPS 4U/8-Slot with Redundant Power Supply 60-856-11 Retired
 SMX 500 Frame 5U/10-Slot 60-857-01 Retired
 SMX 500 Frame RPS 5U/10-Slot with Redundant Power Supply 60-857-11 Retired

The SMX System MultiMatrix Series of digital and analog multi-plane matrix switchers combines multiple, independent matrix switchers in a truly modular, field-configurable frame. Available in frame sizes from 2U to 5U, the SMX is capable of supporting up to 10 separate matrix boards for independent or simultaneous switching under a single point of control. It combines the proven reliability and high performance of Extron's CrossPoint®, MAV Plus, and MVX Series matrix switchers with the efficiency of a modular matrix switcher design. The SMX System is ideal for medical imaging systems, conference and training facilities, and other mid-sized applications that require the switching of different signal types in a cost-effective upgradable solution.

The heart of the SMX System MultiMatrix is a field-configurable frame designed to facilitate the installation of new and replacement matrix switcher boards with a minimum of time and labor. The unique, hot-swappable design quickly aligns each matrix board on its own horizontal plane. Matrix boards can be installed without switcher disassembly, new firmware, or even the need to remove a previously-installed SMX switcher from the rack. Four frames, available in 2U, 3U, 4U, and 5U sizes, provide four, six, eight, or ten matrix board slots, respectively. Simply select the combination of digital, fiber optic, analog, wideband, and stereo audio matrix boards that best fit the application, and then install them in any order. As AV signal routing needs change over time, choose new matrix boards to adapt the SMX to the new requirements.

SMX frames are also available with a redundant power supply for mission-critical applications. Power supplies are configured to automatically switch over to the spare, hot power supply in the event that the primary power supply fails, ensuring no loss of operation. SMX power supplies, internal operating temperature, and other key functions are continuously monitored by an integrated, high performance Web server that provides technical support personnel with the ability to receive critical service information via email through any authorized Web client.