SMP 111

Single Channel H.264 Streaming Media Processor
Key Features
  • Process live, high resolution HDMI video and audio with metadata
  • Record and stream simultaneously
  • High quality scaling with aspect ratio control, size, and position
  • Produce MP4 media files that are compatible with virtually any media player
  • Automatic file uploading
  • RTMP streaming protocol supports popular third party hosting services
The Extron SMP 111
Model Version Description Part #
 SMP 111 Single Channel Recorder – 32 GB 60-1594-01
 LinkLicense SMP 111 Horizontal Video Mirroring Upgrade 79-2553-02
 LinkLicense SMP 111 Basic Scheduling for iCalendar Upgrade 79-2549-01
 LinkLicense SMP Enhanced Panopto Features Upgrade 79-2562-01
 LinkLicense SMP Enhanced Kaltura Features Upgrade 79-2548-01
 LinkLicense SMP 111 Panopto Live Streaming Upgrade 79-2578-01
 LinkLicense SMP 111 Kaltura Live Streaming Upgrade 79-2579-01

The SMP 111 is a high performance recording and streaming processor for capturing and distributing AV sources and presentations as live streaming and recorded media. The SMP 111 accepts an HDMI signal with embedded audio and an analog audio signal. Extron high performance scaling and flexible signal processing enable superior display of content of varying resolutions from computers and HDTV sources. The SMP 111 supports extensive streaming capabilities. It can record and stream simultaneously, with independent resolutions and bit rates, using a range of transport protocols and session management options. Recording with the SMP 111 provides easy capture of live HDMI signals to an internal flash drive and external USB drives. Requiring no licensing fees, the SMP 111 is a cost-effective solution for streaming and recording content.

AV Recording with Enhanced Data

The SMP 111 produces an MP4 or M4V container format that is compatible with virtually any media player. It records at resolutions from 512x288 through 1920x1080, including 480p, 720p, or 1080p, supporting a variety of storage, and playback requirements. Recordings can include metadata with information such as: Title, Creator, Subject, Description, Publisher, Contributor, and Date, which makes searching, indexing, and managing multiple recordings more efficient. Chapter marks can be set during recording sessions, providing highly efficient searching and scanning during file playback. JPEG thumbnail images are captured periodically and for specially marked events, and the thumbnail image size is selectable in order to meet the needs of the recording environment. Extron recording packages include thumbnail images, chapter marks, metadata, and the recorded video and audio. The combination of a high resolution AV signal, on-screen data, metadata, thumbnail images, and chapter marks make navigation and playback of SMP 111 recordings from a media player or content management system highly efficient and effective.

MP4 recordings can be saved to internal solid state storage, a USB storage device, or a defined network storage directory. USB storage devices connect easily to the SMP 111 from the front or rear panel. The approximate capacity in hours for the SMP 111's internal solid state storage, a 64 GB thumb drive, and a 1 TB network drive are presented in the table below. Hours of storage capacity are calculated for video bit rates from 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps plus 192 Kbps for audio.

Approximate Storage Capacity in Hours Based on Video Bit Rate and Storage Device
Video Recording Bit Rate 32 GB Internal Flash 64 GB USB Thumb Drive 1 TB Network Storage
10 Mbps 7 14 218
5 Mbps 14 28 428
2.5 Mbps 28 53 825
1 Mbps 60 119 1,865
Storage capacity estimate is calculated using the video recording bit rate plus 192 Kbps for audio.

Extensive Streaming Capabilities

The SMP 111 offers extensive streaming capabilities. It can record and stream simultaneously, with independent record and stream resolutions ranging from 512x288 to 1080p/30. High resolution, high bit rates can be used to deliver superior quality video to the recording, while a lower bit rate and resolution can be used for streaming distribution or confidence viewing applications. Streaming bit rates can range from 200 Kbps to 10 Mbps for video and 80 Kbps to 384 Kbps for audio. Both push and pull streaming sessions are supported, offering a range of streaming transport protocols and session management methods. This range of capabilities provides the flexibility to stream from the SMP 111 to a variety of devices in different system configurations and network conditions.

Signal Processing Simplifies Setup and Operation

Like many other Extron AV products, the SMP 111 offers comprehensive digital and analog signal processing features that make it easy to connect with various presentation sources. EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communications to ensure sources power up properly and a reliable output signal is provided. Intelligent HDCP signal notification of an encrypted source, while presenting a green screen with HDCP message to the stream, recording, and HDMI confidence outputs. Auto-Image™ automatically adjusts source sizing, centering, and filtering and Auto Input Memory saves the size, position, and picture settings of incoming signals, ensuring that sources present properly. Comprehensive picture, aspect ratio, size, and position controls provide quality images.

Flexible System Control Options

Many different control capabilities are available from the SMP 111. The front panel buttons and LED indicators provide a simple interface to manage, monitor, and control the unit for a wide variety of applications. The SMP 111 also features an RS‑232 port and an Ethernet port to interface with remote devices and control systems.

A mini USB control port is available on the front panel of the SMP 111 to support direct configuration from a PC. Alternatively, a USB port on the rear of the unit is available for connection to a keyboard and mouse, to serve as the interface for the embedded web browser. The browser can be viewed from the HDMI output connection and serves as a convenient method to access network setup and control.

Optional Remote Control - RCP 101 Series and vRCP

Extron RCP 101 Series remote control panel can extend both front panel control as well as USB connectivity for thumb drive recording media. Available in decorator-style, MK, and EU versions; the EU version is compatible with Flex55 enclosures or EU junction boxes. The included USB and power cables provide up to 15 feet (4.5 meters) of extension to the RCP 101 Series Remote Control Panel. Alternately, a USB extension such as Extron’s USB Extender Plus series can extend signals up to 330 feet (100 meters).

The vRCP is a virtual remote control panel FlexOS App offering Extron SMP customers a free option to remotely control the SMP Series products on any device, using any browser, without needing to use a physical control interface. A simple and intuitive user interface provides customers an easy way to manage starting, stopping, pausing, and marking an SMP recording from anywhere in the room. Additionally, the vRCP can function in conjunction with an RCP 101 Series panel.

vRCP Features

  • Remotely control SMP products using any mobile device browser, without an RCP, or in conjunction with an RCP
  • Status indicator displays active alarm name, so the user can view the active alarm that relates to the recording on the mobile page. Alarms include:
    • Video Loss
    • HDCP Video
    • Audio Loss
    • Record Halt
    • Disk Space
  • Display record elapsed time to show how long the recording has run
  • Display record remaining time to show the remaining time before a recording will end, determined by either the unused storage space or the next scheduled recording start time
  • Display SMP recording status including stopped, setup (preparing for a new recording), recording, or paused
  • Display SMP device name and location on a mobile browser page to ensure the correct SMP unit when managing multiple SMP devices

Highly Adaptable FlexOS Platform

FlexOS is Extron’s flexible, embedded operating system that manages and controls additional functions within the SMP 111. FlexOS makes the SMP 111 easily-adaptable to new requirements over time for a multitude of streaming, recording, processing, control, and presentation applications.

Powerful Tools for Monitoring and Management

Simple Network Management Protocol - SNMP traps, email and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - SMTP can be used to deliver messages to AV and IT support staff or monitoring systems when signal errors or encrypted sources are detected and when storage is near capacity, allowing proactive service to be initiated. Operational system data is logged continually, identifying recording sessions, storage directory use, file names, metadata, and storage capacity. This information provides valuable data for evaluating usage patterns and operating concerns.

Content Management and Publishing Options

The SMP 111 produces MP4 or M4V media files with chapter marks, JPEG thumbnail images, and metadata supporting a data rich playback experience from content management systems. It integrates with the Opencast Video Solution and Kaltura Hosted Video Platform. SMP 111 AV recordings can be automatically transferred to network shares or FTP servers for a simplified workflow. Recording packages may also be manually uploaded to third party content management systems such as iTunes-U, Blackboard LMS, SharePoint, CaptionSync, YouTube, Moodle, and more.


The SMP 111 is ideal for applications that require simple recording of a single video signal with audio and metadata. It provides MP4 or M4V file format recordings integrated with metadata, chapter and event marking. It is also ideal for applications that require live streaming to remote participants, hosting services, or local confidence viewing. The SMP 111 can be adapted to many applications, documenting virtually any meeting, conference, or activity that uses an AV source as a reference. The SMP 111 is ideal for use in corporate, education, government, and rental and staging applications. Applications include:

  • Presentation Recording: Document presentations and replay them for absent participants
  • Lecture Capture: Record and publish educational courses onto learning management systems
  • Enterprise Training Systems: Archive training material and publish for on-demand access
  • Visual Data Recording: Document technical systems that use AV data
  • Event Rehearsal: Practice and evaluate rehearsals and presentations

Add Enhanced Panopto Features with LinkLicense

The Enhanced Panopto Features LinkLicense is an annual support license that enables enhanced integration with the Panopto enterprise video platform for the SMP 111. The LinkLicense upgrade enables users to automate scheduling and publishing of recordings and stream live media to Panopto using RTMP and RTMPS. This will require installation of the complimentary FlexOS® application framework for basic ad-hoc recording and publishing to Panopto, as well as for automating system operation.

Add Enhanced Kaltura Features with LinkLicense

The Enhanced Kaltura Features LinkLicense is an annual support license that enables enhanced integration with the Kaltura hosted video platform for the SMP 111. The LinkLicense upgrade enables users to automate scheduling and publishing of recordings and stream live media to Kaltura using RTMP and RTMPS. This will require installation of the complimentary FlexOS® application framework for automating system operation. Basic publishing of recordings to Kaltura does not require a LinkLicense.

Add Live Streaming with LinkLicense

The SMP 111 Live Streaming LinkLicenses enable enhanced integration with the Kaltura and Panopto hosted video platforms. Stream live media to Kaltura using RTMP and to Panopto using RTMP and RTMPS.

Add Horizontal Video Mirroring Capabilities with LinkLicense

The Horizontal Video Mirroring LinkLicense adds powerful features to the SMP 111 Streaming Media Processor. The expanded functionality enhances and streamlines the recording of video and audio presentations. Horizontal Video Mirroring flips video horizontally to support lightboard or other applications that require reversal of the video image due to the presenter facing the camera while writing on a transparent surface. This eliminates time and resources spent manually flipping the video in post-production.