SMD 101

H.264 Streaming Media Decoder
Key Features
  • Supports live IP video stream decoding
  • Supports streaming resolutions from 480x320 up to 1080p/60
  • New Encryption capabilities
  • AV media file playback from network shares
  • Compatible with MP4 and MPEG-2 Transport Stream container formats
  • Selectable audio output format: HDMI-embedded stereo audio or analog stereo audio
The Extron SMD 101
Model Version Description Part #
 SMD 101 H.264 Decoder 60-1305-01

The SMD 101 is a compact, high performance H.264 decoder used with Extron encoders to provide complete end-to-end AV streaming systems. It decodes live streams from H.264 encoders and plays back AV media files available from network shares. It is compatible with streaming resolutions and refresh rates up to 1080p/60. Advanced signal processing, scaling, and aspect ratio management supply high quality signals to AV displays. The SMD 101 offers integration-friendly control features such as IR remote, wired IR, RS‑232, or Ethernet and an easy-to-navigate Web interface, which provide flexible control and management options. This compact, energy-efficient decoder is an ideal for use in overflow, monitoring, multi-channel streaming systems, high resolution signage, and messaging applications.

Advanced Video Processing

The SMD 101 includes video processing features that provide superior quality and simplify AV integration. It can scale its output to a wide range of display frequencies and output resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1200 providing consistent, reliable image quality on many different types of displays. The output rate and resolution can be set to a defined resolution or automatically selected based on EDID communication with the connected display. Aspect ratio management includes a FILL mode, which provides full screen output, a FOLLOW mode, which preserves the image’s original aspect ratio, or FIT, which zooms into the image and provides full screen output without distorting the image’s geometry. These video processing features deliver superior streaming quality for AV systems.

Simplified Streaming Integration and Operation

The SMD 101 is compatible with the full range of streaming transport protocols available from SME 100 H.264 encoders making it applicable to many unicast and multicast streaming configurations. It automatically negotiates use of the correct streaming transport protocol with the SME 100, simplifying system programming and operation. The SMD 101 decoder includes an embedded Web interface with an easy-to-navigate menu that simplifies configuration and deployment. Decoder status reporting and on-screen messaging make channel selection, configuration, and troubleshooting straightforward and uncomplicated. Additionally, IR remote, wired IR, RS-232, and Ethernet control options provide a range of methods to integrate SMD 101 into AV systems.