SMB 110 Series

Surface Mount Boxes for US-Gang Products
Key Features
  • Accepts standard US-gang size Extron architectural products
  • Contoured design complements any environment
  • Suitable for tabletop and lectern applications
  • Available in a one- to five-gang size
  • Optional Table Clamp Kit secures the box without damaging the surface; part #70-1160-12
  • Available in a black or white finish
The Extron SMB 110 Series
Model Version Description Part #
 SMB 111 One-gang, Black 70-1097-01
 SMB 111 One-gang, White 70-1286-01
 SMB 112 Two-gang, Black 70-1097-02
 SMB 112 Two-gang, White 70-1286-02
 SMB 113 Three-gang, Black 70-1097-03
 SMB 113 Three-gang, White 70-1286-03
 SMB 114 Four-gang, Black 70-1097-04
 SMB 114 Four-gang, White 70-1286-04
 SMB 115 Five-gang, Black 70-1097-05
 SMB 115 Five-gang, White 70-1286-05
 SMB Table Clamp Kit SMB Table Clamp Kit for SMB 110/111T/210, Black 70-1160-12
 SMB Table Clamp Kit SMB Table Clamp Kit for SMB 110/111T/210, White 70-1160-13

The Extron SMB 110 Series Surface Mount Boxes are designed for the external mounting of US‑gang Extron architectural products, including MediaLink® Plus controllers with AAP™ AV Connectivity Module openings, WPD decorator-style wallplates with Pass‑through connectors, and other Extron US‑gang decorator-style wallplates and AAP modules. SMB 110 Series Surface Mount Boxes feature an elegant, contoured design that complements any environment, and can be surface mounted on lecterns, tabletops, and other flat surfaces for convenient access to connectors and controls. The optional SMB Table Clamp Kit secures SMB 110 boxes to table edges without marring the surface. Available in a durable black or white finish.

SMB Table Clamp Kit Compatibility

Model Quantity
SMB 111 1
SMB 112 1
SMB 113 1
SMB 114 2
SMB 115 2

The SMB Table Clamp Kit includes a shield for cable management. Two clamps can be installed on boxes four-gang or wider.