RG6 BNC Series

BNC Male to Male Single Conductor RG6 Super High Resolution Cables
Key Features
  • Superior performance cable for critical analog AV systems and SDI/HDSDI applications
  • Double-shielded foil and copper braid to reduce crosstalk, maintaining integrity of the video signal
  • One 18 AWG, 75 ohm coaxial conductor
  • Terminated with high quality 75 ohm BNC connectors
  • Utilizes Extron RG6 Cable, part # 22-098-03
  • NEC CM rated
The Extron RG6 BNC Series
Model Version Description Part #
RG6 BNC/6 6' (1.8 m) 26-383-12
RG6 BNC/12 12' (3.6 m) 26-383-07
RG6 BNC/35 35' (10.6 m) 26-383-13
RG6 BNC/3 3' (90 cm) 26-383-01 Retired
RG6 BNC/100 100' (30.4 m) 26-383-03 Retired
RG6 BNC/25 25' (7.6 m) 26-383-04 Retired
RG6 BNC/50 50' (15.2 m) 26-383-05 Retired
RG6 BNC/75 75' (22.8 m) 26-383-06 Retired

The Extron RG6 BNC is our highest resolution, lowest loss cable. It is ideal for the most demanding applications involving lengthy runs of high resolution analog video signals and is also the preferred cable for SDI or HD-SDI signal transmission. Constructed of one 18 AWG, 75 ohm coaxial conductor terminated with 75 ohm BNC connectors, RG6 BNC cable can be used in a variety of configurations with any computer, video, or audio-visual component.


Note: Cables up to 3 feet (90 cm) in length are measured neck-to-neck, between the strain reliefs. Cables longer than 3 feet (90 cm) are measured tip-to-tip, including connectors.

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