ShareLink Pro 1000

Wired and Wireless Presentation System
Key Features
  • WebShare™ shares content via a Web browser
  • Wirelessly share content from mobile devices
  • Provides full screen mirroring for all devices
  • Supports Mac® and Windows® computers as well as Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones
  • Extron ShareLink Pro macOS app
  • HDMI output supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K
The Extron ShareLink Pro 1000
Model Version Description Part #
 ShareLink Pro 1000 Wired and Wireless Presentation System 60-1679-01
 LinkLicense H.264 Support Upgrade 79-2580-01

The ShareLink® Pro 1000 is a 4K Wired and Wireless Presentation System that enables anyone to present content from computers, tablets, or smartphones on a display for easy collaboration. It supports simultaneous display of up to four devices including an HDMI-connected device. The HDMI input supports wired devices, including TeamWork Show Me cables for easy source selection. The ShareLink Pro 1000 has collaboration and moderator modes that facilitate both open and controlled collaboration environments, as well as dual Ethernet ports for more secure environments. When used with Extron GVE – GlobalViewer Enterprise software, multiple units can be managed across an enterprise or campus. ShareLink Pro's professional capabilities provide easy integration of AV and mobile devices into huddle, meeting and collaboration spaces.

Collaborate with Mobile and Fixed Devices

The ShareLink Pro 1000 supports both mobile and fixed devices for effective, efficient collaboration. It can simultaneously present up to four pieces of content, each displayed at resolutions of up to 1080p. The HDMI output supports computer and video resolutions up to 4K for connections to 4K displays. Wireless devices connect to ShareLink Pro with user-friendly software for Mac® and Windows® computers as well as Apple® and Android™ tablets and smartphones. Connect wired sources such as a laptop computer to the HDMI input using an HDMI cable or use a Show Me cable or Retractor housed within a Cable Cubby cable access enclosure. Show Me cables feature a Share button, which brings source selection right to your fingertips. With ShareLink Pro, wired and wireless users can collaborate together, sharing content from both wired and wireless devices on the room’s display at the same time. Organizations can also use the HDMI input for guest access, eliminating the need to provide wireless access to their internal secure network systems. The wired connection can also serve as a backup connection when wireless systems are down, ensuring reliable sharing at all times.

Fixed sources such as a dedicated computer, document camera, or AV switcher can also connect to the ShareLink Pro via the HDMI input connection. In addition, a dedicated computer running unified communications software such as Zoom or Skype for Business makes the space accessible for both local and remote collaboration.

Display Content from Any Device

The ShareLink Pro 1000 facilitates easy full-screen mirroring for all devices, including Mac and Windows computers and laptops, and Android and Apple tablets and smartphones, displaying the entire screen for more fluid and easy collaboration sessions. Connect with the user-friendly software for screen mirroring, application window sharing, and access to advanced features such as moderated collaboration sessions. With the application software, users are empowered to choose what they share. Depending upon the device’s OS, users can share their entire desktop, select application windows, or one or more images or documents.

Users who want to share content without installing software can use WebShare™ or Apple Mirroring. The WebShare feature enables content sharing via a standard web browser, which is ideal for users to share content quickly without the need to download any sharing software. It works with the Chrome browser on Windows, macOS, and Chrome operating systems. Apple Mirroring lets users with Mac or iOS devices use their built-in mirroring features to enable sharing of content, similar to how one would mirror a display via AirPlay to an AppleTV. Simply select the ShareLink Pro unit from the list of available AirPlay devices.

Customize the Welcome Experience

The ShareLink Pro 1000 features a fully-customizable welcome screen with multiple configuration options to assist users in quickly connecting their devices and sharing content. Custom welcome images such as organization-specific connection instructions can be uploaded and shown as the default Welcome Screen on the display. IP or Hostname information can be displayed or hidden, as desired. Multiple images can also be displayed to provide more detailed connection instructions, support information, or any other local information. A signage player can be connected to the HDMI input connection, so the ShareLink Pro can act as a signage display when not in use for collaboration sessions, displaying updated organizational information from the signage player until the first wireless user connects, and returning to a signage display once all wireless users have disconnected.

Open or Controlled Collaboration

The ShareLink Pro 1000’s default collaboration mode allows any user to display content and control the presentation. Each user can dynamically mirror their desktop or share images, documents, or applications onto the display, with a maximum of four shared items visible on the display at any one time. This can enhance interaction during brainstorming sessions, team meetings, group studies, and other collaborative meetings.

For environments where more control is required, a Moderator Mode offers centralized control over device access and presentation. The Moderator decides which users can access the display, ensuring that only their content is displayed. This mode is ideal for educational environments, allowing the instructor to have complete control of the presenters on the main classroom display. The Moderator mode can be activated on a runtime basis as needed or can be setup by the ShareLink Pro 1000 administrator for password-protected Moderator access.

Secure Collaboration

The ShareLink Pro 1000 features a suite of security protocols to ensure a safe and protected collaboration environment. All content transmitted between devices running the ShareLink Pro software and the ShareLink Pro is safeguarded with 128-bit encryption. Communications between user devices and the ShareLink Pro 1000 are protected with the HTTPS secure connection protocol. Control, monitoring, or management applications using an Extron-only control system communicate with the ShareLink Pro 1000 using SSH creating a Secure Platform Device so you can be assured of safe and reliable system operations. For environments with multiple ShareLink Pro systems, entry of a four-digit code can be required on the Welcome Screen before users can share content to the display. This feature is particularly useful to ensure users only see their content in environments that may have multiple units in close proximity, such as huddle spaces, active learning environments, office buildings, or classroom buildings.

ShareLink Pro also features dual Gigabit Ethernet connections, enabling segmentation of internal private networks on one Ethernet from external guest networks on another Ethernet, ensuring only authorized users can access the private network. In addition to an administrative password, additional optional passwords can be setup for a moderator or for all users, providing another layer of protection for secure collaboration.

Centralized Management

With ShareLink Pro, setting up or managing several ShareLink Pro systems is practically as easy as setting up or managing a single system. Extron’s PCS – Product Configuration Software conveniently sets up and configures one or many units simultaneously. PCS can save configurations for future use when expanding ShareLink Pro systems, or when restoring a unit that has been replaced. PCS also allows multiple units to be receive firmware updates concurrently, saving time and greatly improving efficiency. Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise – GVE – software provides a powerful, flexible way to manage, monitor, and control nearly any device over a standard network.