Room Agent

Free Room Booking Software for Extron Room Scheduling
Key Features
  • Make on-demand reservations from the touchpanel, computer, or any smartphone or tablet that connects to Microsoft® Exchange and 365®, Google Calendar™, 25Live®, EMS, NFS, and Ad Astra®
  • Supports TLSI 201 Interactive Wayfinding Interface to provide real-time meeting space availability, status, and location information using a centralized display.
  • Ability to view meeting attendees for panels configured with Microsoft 365, Exchange, and Google
  • Ability to set/view room capacity via TLS panel
  • Multi-language support capabilities
  • No annual subscription or maintenance fees
The Extron Room Agent
Version Release Date Size
2.4.3 Aug. 28, 2023
  • Added Calendar API functionality for Room Scheduling devices to interface with IPCP Pro xi and IPCP Pro Qxi via programmed systems
835.4 MB
Model Version Description Part #
 TLS 525M Black, Wall Mount, Scheduling 60-1561-102
 TLS 525M White, Wall Mount, Scheduling 60-1561-103
 TLS 525M NC Black, Wall Mount, Scheduling, No Camera 60-1561-112
 TLS 525M NC White, Wall Mount, Scheduling, No Camera 60-1561-113
 TLS 725M Black, Wall Mount, Scheduling 60-1563-102
 TLS 725M White, Wall Mount, Scheduling 60-1563-103
 TLS 725M NC Black, Wall Mount, Scheduling, No Camera 60-1563-112
 TLS 725M NC White, Wall Mount, Scheduling, No Camera 60-1563-113
 TLS 1025M Black, Wall Mount, Scheduling 60-1566-102
 TLS 1025M White, Wall Mount, Scheduling 60-1566-103
 TLS 1025M NC Black, Wall Mount, Scheduling, No Camera 60-1566-112
 TLS 1025M NC White, Wall Mount, Scheduling, No Camera 60-1566-113

Room Agent™ software allows you to easily customize our family of TLS - TouchLink Scheduling panels to display the specific meeting information you need for your enterprise. With free Room Agent, scheduling panels require no programming or intermediate server, as they simply become a client of Microsoft® Exchange, 365®, Google Calendar™ and other calendar services.

Once the scheduling panels are set up with Room Agent, they seamlessly tie to a Microsoft Exchange server, 365, Google Calendar, 25Live®, EMS, NFS, and Ad Astra® without complicated setup or programming. Simply connect the panel to your computer, open Room Agent, fill in the required fields that compose the user interface, and you’re done. Customization options allow fields to be shown or hidden, depending on user preference.

Room Scheduling Analytics

Room scheduling touchpanels provide the information you need to closely analyze room usage, activity patterns, and occupancy trends across the organization. A Scheduling Activity file with room usage and meeting data can be downloaded concurrently from multiple touchpanels. You can transform this readily-available information with data analytics tools to create powerful reports.

Quick and Easy System Setup with
No Programming Required

Supported Languages

Room Agent currently supports 27 languages, and Extron is continually working to add more. Check this table frequently for language updates.

Arabic Danish Hebrew Portuguese Thai
Catalan Dutch Italian Russian Turkish
Chinese Simplified English Japanese Serbian Vietnamese
Chinese Traditional Finnish Korean Slovenian  
Croatian French Norwegian Spanish  
Czech German Polish Swedish