RGB 203 Rxi Retired

Three Input, Universal Computer-Video and Audio Interface with Enhanced ADSP™
Key Features
  • 300 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth
  • Compatible with computer-video resolutions up to QXGA
  • DSVP™ - Digital Sync Validation Processing
  • Enhanced ADSP™
  • 30 memory locations for automatic signal setup
  • RS-232 and contact closure control
The Extron RGB 203 Rxi
Model Version Description Part #
 RGB 203 Rxi Three Input Analog and Audio Interface 60-508-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron RGB 203 Rxi is a universal, analog computer-video and audio interface with enhanced ADSP™. It allows up to three computer-video inputs with resolutions up to QXGA to be converted for output to projectors and flat panel displays. It also accepts unbalanced computer stereo audio and outputs line level stereo or mono audio. Extron enhanced Advanced Digital Sync Processing or ADSP technology provides all-digital processing of sync signals, eliminating compatibility issues encountered when using analog sync processing with digital display devices. The RGB 203Rxi is ideal for use in applications that require signal amplification and sync processing to ensure compatibility between many different types of displays and computer-video signal sources found in classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

In addition, the RGB 203 Rxi interface features three female 15-pin HD inputs, two computer stereo audio inputs, a buffered local monitor output, and ID bit termination. Variable level and peaking as well as horizontal and vertical centering controls can be accessed via the front panel, or remotely via RS-232 control and contact closure.

The 1U, half rack width enclosure can be rack-mounted or furniture-mounted.