Retractor XL Retired

Extended Length Cable Retraction System for Cable Cubby Enclosures
Key Features
  • Designed for easy integration with Cable Cubby®, Cable Cubby Series/2, and TouchLink® Cable Cubby access enclosures
  • Cables extend up to five feet (152 cm)
  • Holds cable securely in place at a user-defined length
  • Simple push-button release retracts cable into Cable Cubby enclosure after use
  • New Engineered for long life and reliability, and tested to exceed 7,500 cable extension and retraction cycles
The Extron Retractor XL
Model Version Description Part #
 Retractor XL VGA VGA Male to Male 70-1001-01 Retired
 Retractor XL PC Audio 3.5 mm Stereo Audio M to M 70-1001-02 Retired
 Retractor XL Network Network CAT5e 70-1001-03 Retired
 Retractor XL HDMI HDMI Male to Male 70-1001-04 Retired
 Retractor XL USB USB A Male to Male 70-1001-05 Retired
 Retractor XL DisplayPort DisplayPort Male to Male 70-1001-07 Retired
 Retractor XL DC DC Power Extension: Dell, HP, other PCs 70-1001-10 Retired
 Retractor XL VGA-A VGA M-M and 3.5 mm Stereo M-M 70-1001-11 Retired
 Retractor XL VGA SM VGA Show Me Retractor 70-1001-12 Retired
 Retractor XL Network Network CAT 6e 70-1001-13 Retired

This product has been retired.
Suggested Replacement
Retractor Series XL

The Extron Retractor XL is a patented cable retraction and management system designed to work with new or previously installed Cable Cubby®, Cable Cubby Series/2, and TouchLink Cable Cubby cable enclosures. The Retractor XL is available in versions to support most AV and data signal types, including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, Network, and USB. The cables extend up to five feet (152 cm) and are held securely in place at the desired length. The Extron Retractor Series is also available for applications where cable extension of three feet (90 cm) is appropriate.

Extron Retractor XL modules are engineered for long life and reliability, and tested to exceed 7,500 cable extension and retraction cycles. The robust mechanism is designed to withstand frequent use in schools, libraries, conference rooms, and other high-utilization environments. Each module includes a pre-loaded, continuous 12‑foot (3.6 m) cable for a single signal type, ensuring consistent, reliable performance regardless of cable extension length. A four‑foot (1.2 m) pigtail is provided on the system end of the module for ease of installation and connection to under-table AV system hardware or floor boxes.

Retractors can be mounted vertically for ease of installation next to a table leg or desktop support. For horizontal mounting applications under a table top or other flat surface, an optional mounting bracket is available. Each horizontal bracket holds up to three Retractors.

Cable Cubby, Cable Cubby Series/2, and TouchLink Cable Cubby enclosures support from two to eight Retractor XL modules, depending on the size of the enclosure. Optional mounting brackets may be required. Please see chart below for details:

Model Retractor Capacity
Cable Cubby 200 2 with optional bracket
Cable Cubby 202 3 with optional bracket
Cable Cubby 300S/C 3
Cable Cubby 500 3 with included bracket
Cable Cubby 600 6 total; 3 per side
Cable Cubby 700 6 total; 3 per side with included brackets
Cable Cubby 800 6 total; 3 per side
Cable Cubby 1200 3 with included brackets
4 with optional brackets
Cable Cubby 1400 6 total; 3 per side with included brackets
8 total; 4 per side with optional brackets
TLP 350CV 6 total; 3 per side
TLP 710CV 6 total; 3 per side
TLE 350 6 total; 3 per side
TLE 710 6 total; 3 per side