Quantum Ultra LinkLicenses

Upgrade Quantum Ultra Processors with Enhanced Features
Key Features
  • Enables end-user mobile device control of Quantum Ultra, Quantum Ultra Connect, and Quantum Ultra II videowalls
  • Simplifies common operational tasks, such as preset selection, window management, and source selection
  • Supports tap, drag, drag and drop, and swipe gestures
  • Separate access credentials for Users, Designers, and Administrators
  • Control videowalls from up to 10 mobile devices
  • Software upgradeable product features without additional hardware expense
The Extron Quantum Ultra LinkLicenses
Model Version Description Part #
 LinkLicense Quantum Ultra Mobile Control App Upgrade 79-2576-01

Extron LinkLicense for EMS-Quantum Ultra is an upgrade for Quantum Ultra, Quantum Ultra Connect, and Quantum Ultra II Videowall Processors that enables communication between EMS Express Mobile Software — Quantum Ultra and the processor. EMS-Quantum Ultra combines the freedom of wireless control with an easy to use application designed for simple user control of videowalls. It is operated with familiar finger gestures and facilitates preset selection, window size and position, source selection, and other common operational tasks. The application can act as the sole point of control or work in conjunction with Videowall Configuration Software – VCS and a control system. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Microsoft Surface platforms.

Extron LinkLicenses are software-enabled enhancements that allow you to easily upgrade Extron products. There are several types of LinkLicenses and each type unlocks a unique set of features and capabilities. With LinkLicenses, you can upgrade your system right out of the box or, over time, as your AV system demands grow.

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