Quantum Elite

HDCP-Compliant Scalable Videowall Processing System
Key Features
  • Scalable videowall processing for large videowalls with up to 28 displays or more
  • Card frame videowall processing system available with 8 or 15 slots
  • Scalable, field-expandable systems: Extron field staff can add cards or cascade card frames to add more inputs and outputs
  • Integrates easily into a diverse array of 4K environments such as lobbies, auditoriums, and simulation
  • Supports 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI, RGB analog, HD component, and standard video input signals
  • Two input 3G-SDI card accepts SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI signals from 270 Mbps up to 2.97 Gbps
The Extron Quantum Elite
Model Version Description Part #
 QEC O2HDMI Two Output HDMI Card Call
 QEC I12VID 12 Input Video/S-Video Card Call
 QEC I2RGB Two Input Analog RGB/YUV Card Call
 QEC I2DVI Two Input DVI Card Call
 QEC I2HDMI Two Input HDMI Card Call
 QEC I2SDI Two Input 3G-SDI Card Call
 S3 Product Commissioning Product Commissioning Services Call
 QGE 100 Quantum Graphics Encoder Call Retired
 Quantum Elite 615 6U/15 Slot Card Frame Call Retired
 Quantum Elite 408 4U/8 Slot Card Frame Call Retired
 QEC O2 Two Output DVI/RGBHV Card Call Retired

The Extron Quantum® Elite is an HDCP-compliant, scalable, expandable videowall processor configurable to support a variety of input, output, and windowing capabilities. It features high performance video scaling capable of producing very high quality images. The Quantum Elite offers two card cages that support various combinations of input and output cards for 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI, RGB, HDTV or video sources. Each HDMI or DVI-I dual output card supports up to 128 video/graphic source windows, and multiple Quantum Elite card cages can be cascaded to create very large display arrays. A dedicated, high-speed video/graphic bus maintains real-time performance even under heavy loading of inputs.

Designed for 24/7 operation, the Quantum Elite provides a high performance, high reliability display processing solution for monitoring valuable infrastructure and assets.

The Quantum Elite maintains optimal full frame rate performance with a high speed 10 Gbps RAPT - Real-Time Asymmetric Packetized Transfer video/graphic bus that allows large numbers of inputs to be processed while preserving real-time control response and image performance. The scaling capability of the output cards allows up to 128 windows per output card. The combination of input cards for 3G-SDI, HDMI, DVI, RGB, or video, and the ability to cascade multiple processors together provides a high degree of scalability.

When used in conjunction with HDCP-compatible displays, the HDMI input and output cards allow the display of HDCP-encrypted content on the videowall. A green window with an alert message will be displayed if HDCP-encrypted content is sent to a non-HDCP compliant display.

A variety of display scenarios can be pre-programmed or created on-the-fly using Quantum Elite Control Software, an intuitive control interface for setup and system operation. The software can be accessed from the available Extron QC 101 E compact controller, or installed on a dedicated PC. Quantum Elite Control Software allows flexible videowall configuration for presenting many sources at small sizes, a few at large sizes, or many other combinations. All of this is complemented by high performance image scaling technology, which accurately preserves the original image quality at all window sizes.

System reliability is significantly enhanced through use of a ruggedized operating system. The Quantum Elite is available with removable flash storage or a removable hard disk drive, depending on the model.

The Quantum Elite is delivered as a factory-configured, modular system and is available in different frame options. The product can be sized to the needs of a current application and then expanded as requirements evolve.

These advantages make the Quantum Elite ideal for all types of surveillance, presentation, and visualization applications, whether traffic, security, military, or process control.