QSS 404 Retired

High Resolution Multi-Output Scaler & Processor
Key Features
  • Compact, multiple output scaler for simple, single source videowalls
  • Scales a single video, HD component video, or RGB source on arrays of up to four displays
  • Combine multiple QSS 404 units to create larger videowalls
  • High performance image scaling technology
  • Supports input resolutions up to 1600x1200 and HDTV 1080p/60
  • Output resolutions up to 1400x1050 and HDTV 1080i/60
The Extron QSS 404
Model Version Description Part #
 QSS 404 Multi-Output Scaler 60-1115-01 Retired
 QSS 404 RMK Multi-Output Scaler Rack Mount Kit 60-1116-01 Retired

This product has been retired.

The Extron QSS 404 is a compact, multiple output scaler for one to four displays. It can be used to drive simple 2x2 videowall arrays, creative multi-panel arrays, or non-standard format projection and LED displays. Up to four inputs may be connected. One of these inputs may be scaled or displayed in whole or in part, independently on each output. The ability to vary image scaling, cropping, zooming, and panning allows overlaps to be defined for edge-blended projection applications. The QSS 404's compact size allows it to be mounted behind flat-panel displays. All configuration is done through the Ethernet port using the included configuration software.

Using patented image scaling technology, the QSS 404 is able to accept inputs up to UXGA or HDTV, and scale and split the image to drive up to two displays at SXGA+ or HDTV 1080i, or four outputs at SXGA, WXGA, or HDTV 720p. Scaling images up or down, this technology produces very high quality images for any display or display array.