PPS 35

Priority Page Sensor for PoleVault Digital Systems
Key Features
  • Detects audio signal from a public address system speaker
  • Allows PVS 407D and PVS 405D PoleVault Digital Switchers to mute program audio during announcements from the public address system
  • 50’ (15.2m) plenum cable included
  • Dimensions: 1.18” H x 0.79” W x 0.44” D (30mm H x 20mm W x 11.1 mm D)
The Extron PPS 35
Model Version Description Part #
PPS 35 Priority Sensor, PoleVault Digital Sys 70-1064-01

The PPS 35 Priority Page Sensor works with PoleVault Digital Classroom AV Systems to automatically mute classroom audio during an announcement from a public address system. The sensor mounts to the face of any PA speaker and detects when audio is present, signaling the switcher to mute classroom audio for the duration of the announcement. The PPS 35 is compatible with the PVS 407D and PVS 405D PoleVault Digital switchers.


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