PlenumVault Digital Systems New

Complete AV Switching and Control Systems for Suspended Ceilings
Key Features
  • Complete, centralized HDMI switching and control systems with stereo audio amplification
  • Designed for installations with suspended ceilings
  • Securely mounts system components in the plenum space above a suspended ceiling
  • Supports video resolutions up to 4K
  • Two local HDMI inputs and two twisted pair inputs support up to six common classroom AV sources
  • Switching wallplates transmit audio and video signals over a single CATx shielded twisted pair cable
The Extron PlenumVault Digital Systems
Model Version Description Part #
 PLS 201D 2+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, ceiling mount 42-320-23
 PLS 401D 4+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, ceiling mount 42-321-23
 PLS 211D 2+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, no mount 42-330-23
 PLS 411D 4+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, no mount 42-331-23
 LinkLicense PVS 407D Audio Decoding 79-2558-01
 PLS 201D 2+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, ceiling mount 42-320-13 Retired
 PLS 401D 4+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, ceiling mount 42-321-13 Retired
 PLS 211D 2+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, no mount 42-330-13 Retired
 PLS 411D 4+2 Input Digital PlenumVault, no mount 42-331-13 Retired

Extron PlenumVault® Digital Systems are complete, easy-to-use AV switching and control systems that seamlessly integrate digital video sources. Each system uses economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and includes network connectivity for web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. These standard systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the display device and sources.

High Resolution 4K Video Switching
Two local HDMI inputs and two PVT twisted pair inputs provide support for common classroom AV sources at resolutions up to 4K. Local inputs are ideal for sources that do not need direct user access such as Extron ShareLink Pro, Apple® TV, CATV tuners, and streaming decoders. PVT wallplates can be placed by the teacher's desk or other locations in the classroom for instructor and student sources including laptops, tablets, media players, document cameras, and more.

Twisted Pair Transmission
PlenumVault Digital Systems provide high reliability and maximum performance on an economical and easily installed cable infrastructure. PVT input wallplates use Extron twisted pair technology to transmit high resolution digital audio and video signals to the switcher over a single CATx shielded twisted pair cable. CATx cable offers lower cost and easier installation than standard coaxial cable. It is lighter, smaller, and more flexible, so it is easier to route through walls and small conduit. CATx cable connectors are also easier to terminate and don’t require highly skilled and costly technicians for installation.

Easy-to-use AV Room Control
The MLC Plus 100 MediaLink Plus Controller included in standard PlenumVault Digital Systems is designed to simplify operation of the AV system. With large, backlit buttons and a basic volume control knob, the controller is almost as easy to use as a light switch. Presenters with little or no training can learn to operate the system in a few minutes. It replaces traditional handheld IR remotes that are so easily lost or stolen, and eliminates the need for battery replacement.

Network Connectivity
PlenumVault Digital Systems feature network integration technology specifically engineered to meet the needs of professional AV environments. This enables administrators and support personnel to configure, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and control systems over the network. These networked systems are able to track and report usage, providing valuable information for future component purchases. They also include an integrated four port network switch allowing three additional devices within the classroom to share a single network drop.

Energy Efficiency
As an ENERGY STAR® qualified AV product, the switcher includes two Extron-exclusive power saving modes designed to lower energy usage and reduce operating costs. Auto Power Save Mode automatically turns off the audio amplifier after 25 minutes if no audio is present. Network Standby Power Save Mode turns off the amplifier, wallplates, VoiceLift receiver, and network switch, and can be scheduled at specific times when the system is not in use or activated by monitoring for when the projector is shut down.

Advanced Audio Capabilities
At the heart of each system is a switcher/amplifier that offers sophisticated audio capabilities. The integrated 50 watt stereo audio amplifier is able to drive up to four Extron speakers to fill the room with full, rich sound. The VoiceLift® Receiver input simplifies VoiceLift Microphone installation. Switched and auxiliary line-level inputs support audio only sources such as music players or public address systems. A line level output allows system audio to be used for podcasting or assistive listening. Audio file playback allows the system to play pre-recorded audio announcements stored in switcher memory.

Equipment Mounting
PlenumVault Digital systems use the PVM 220 PlenumVault Mounting Kit that securely mounts and conceals system components in the plenum area above a suspended ceiling. Ceiling Mount versions include a projector drop ceiling mount with adjustable pole and universal projector bracket. No Mount versions do not include projector mounting.