S3 Videowall Commissioning

Product Commissioning Service for Extron Videowall Processors
Key Features
  • Extron on-site support services for Quantum® videowall processors
  • Ensures videowall system designs meet performance requirements
  • Pre-installation design review and assistance
  • On-site support with an Extron Systems Design Engineer
  • Videowall product performance optimization and configuration
  • Videowall system operator training
The Extron S3 Videowall Commissioning
Model Version Description Part #
S3 Product Commissioning Product Commissioning Services 03-001-01

Extron Videowall Commissioning is a proactive, on-site service that ensures your Quantum® Ultra, Quantum Elite, or Quantum Connect processing system meets your customer’s specifications for performance. An Extron Systems Design Engineer - SDE will provide personalized assistance, from conception to completion, to help you deliver a system that fully meets the expectations of your customer.

Extron Videowall Commissioning Includes:

  • Pre-installation design review services – Extron SDEs are available to assist you throughout the design process. We will review your final system design diagram, prior to commissioning, to verify that it will provide optimal videowall performance.
  • Window layout optimization – Using your wiring schematic and window layout drawings, we will create a project file that includes all aspects of the system including videowall parameters, I/O routing, and window layout presets. Once on-site, the Extron SDE will verify the presets, configure source parameters, and deliver to you a completed project file.
  • On-site processor and source optimization – When on-site, the Extron SDE will optimize all Quantum processors, including signal timing, clock and phase settings, size and position adjustments, video adjustments such as color, tint, contrast, and brightness settings, as well as other general image parameters.
  • Validation of processor control – After processor and source optimization is complete, the Extron SDE will verify that window layout presets are being recalled correctly, and that the processor is correctly responding to any commands it receives from an external control system, if present.
  • Basic Quantum control software training for the system operator – After correct processor control is verified, the Extron SDE will provide training on the control software’s user interface, as well as how to perform system adjustments and design window layouts.

Pre and Post-Commissioning Checklists

A site preparedness form will be provided to you before the arrival of an Extron SDE, to guide you through the pre-commissioning requirements. Upon completion of the commissioning, you will be issued a site acceptance form to facilitate signoff of the Extron Videowall Commissioning service.

Developing a Commissioning Plan

Extron will assist you in developing a commissioning plan for the installation. Please contact your local Extron sales representative or sales office to discuss:

  • The job site location
  • The system application, such as a network operations center, command and control center, corporate lobby, or retail center
  • How the customer will use the system, and if known, the layouts for the video window presets
  • The current system design, including switcher size, sources, display type, resolution, and cable distance estimates
  • The primary method of user control, be it Quantum control software, or an external control system and touchpanel interface
  • Site considerations, such as general site availability, or access restrictions for individuals or equipment
  • Contact details for the primary AV designer
  • Anticipated dates for equipment delivery, installation, commissioning, and project completion


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